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Harrison Ford goes to Mondello and loses his credit card, the citizen finds it and takes it to the police


He loses his credit card but the citizen forces him to find it again soon after. An adventure with a happy ending, yesterday afternoon, for Hollywood star Harrison Ford, in this period in Italy to shoot some scenes of a movie series. The American actor, noon yesterday, was in Mondello for a few hours of relaxation. “Harrison Ford’s break in Palermo — he told the police station — risked turning into a bad experience which, among other things, would surely have fueled the false cliché of a land beautiful to look at but dangerous to live in: any loss of paper. Credit.”

“During the afternoon, a citizen with a tangible civic sense presented himself to the Mondello police station – they explained again from the police headquarters – to hand the agents a credit card found on the street. Within a few minutes, after a quick computer response, the cops were able to track The identity of the cardholder, and they found out with great surprise that it belonged to Harrison Ford.”

It was easy for the agents to understand that it was not a “computer anomaly”: in fact, they reconnected the loss of the card to the presence of the actor in town. Within a few minutes, the cops managed to find “Indiana Jones” in a place where the actor, who arrived in Mondello undercover, tried to regain his privacy, shortly before he was auditioned in the street by some fans who recognized him. .

“When the director of the police station came to him with two policemen and showed him and returned his credit card, the representative – they concluded from the police station – smiled, relieved at the damage he had escaped and delighted with the idea that after knowing such a beautiful land, how honest it was. The meeting with clients was sealed with a photo A souvenir that all the heroes of the story will jealously keep.”

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