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Green houses, green light for EU directive.  Giorgetti: “But who pays?”

Green houses, green light for EU directive. Giorgetti: “But who pays?”

“Green Homes” Directive Act. The EU Council, meeting in the form of Ecofin, gave its definitive green light to one of the axes of the European Commission's green policy. The aim is to improve the energy efficiency of the most polluting buildings, requiring national states to identify in their plans the worst-case buildings to be insured. Given a wide range of discretions to Member States, a directive, therefore less binding than a regulation, 27 must be implemented within two years. The average primary energy consumption of the total residential real estate stock should decrease to at least 16% in 2030 and 20-22% by 2035. The ultimate goal is zero emissions by 2050, and will pass other milestones set for 2040. Then every five years. All new buildings must have zero emissions from 2030. Italy has confirmed its 'no' along with Hungary. “Theme: “Who Pays?” commented Giancarlo Giorgetti, Minister of Economy and Finance, on the side of Ecofin in Luxembourg, as we have clear experiences in Italy in this regard.

“In Italy we have had the experience of a few lucky people renovating their houses, that is, all other Italians, thanks to the money put in by the government, and we can say that this is an experience that can teach us something”, he said, talking about the superbonus that boosted public funds. “I think there is something to think about in the sense that it is right to imagine turning all the houses green, but I say again: 'Who pays? Families? States? Europe?”, he concluded. Deputy Prime Minister and Transport Minister Matteo Salvini thunders, “The League will do whatever it takes to stop the 'green' taxes and properties that the left wants.” Out of a total of nearly 12.5 million units, more than 7.6 million (61%) Italian properties are classified in the worst energy classes, namely F and G, again What needs to be developed, the Unimpresa research center calculates. According to the organization, the cost of renovating three out of five houses that do not comply with the parameters of the EU “green” directive is about 270 billion, which is calculated considering an investment that varies from 20 thousand euros to 55 thousand. euros for each property. “Green houses The absence of Italy in the Directive Council is another demonstration of the isolation of the government in Europe and the inability to bring home decisions for the benefit of our country – declares Annalisa Corrado, head of the Democratic Party's Environmental Change. Brando Benifi, Head of Delegation for the European Chamber. “A directive of primary importance to the energy efficiency of our nation's building stock, to reduce costs on the bills of households and businesses and to allow citizens to live in healthier living conditions”. » Georgia Meloni's government follows Orban and is completely isolated in the EU. Nevertheless, the directive on energy efficiency is a godsend for our country, which is last in Europe, according to Eurostat data, in the growth of property values”, points out Tisiana Begin, head of the delegation of the Five Star Movement in the European Parliament.

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