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April is already very hot, what should we expect in summer.  Let's clarify

April is already very hot, what should we expect in summer. Let's clarify

First preview for next summer

But if it's already hot in April, what summer awaits us?
We are all realizing it, something is broken at the climate level and Europe (including Italy) is already experiencing it. The first waves of irregular heat With maximum peak ad Above 30°C. We are only in the first half of April.

Climatic history and statistics of our country suggest that the temperature rarely exceeds the limit during this period. 23-24°C. However, climate change is right in front of our eyes, with ever-increasing temperature values ​​disrupting every season a little.

Since the beginning of the year, global temperature values ​​have remained unchanged Above averageWarmer than any other historical period.
That is the reality All seasons are now conditional and degenerate: For example, you will remember last Christmas (but usually in recent years), rather mild everywhere; Or earlier autumn, always in warmer periods.
It's huge Change Obviously this does not only affect Italy: the summary map we propose below shows global temperature With the evolution from January to now. In practice, different years are compared: we can observe, in particular, the tax Orange It indicates 2023 (12 months including the hottest ever) and tax StraightPart of this 2024.
As you can observe, This year's lineup is completely off the chartsMuch more than any other year.

2024 temperatures already warmer than 2023 (warmest year on record)
Now think about it for a moment How about next summer?, given the current trend. A recent update for Central Europe predicts a record summer quarter due to an increasingly invasive African anticyclone in the Mediterranean basin. Already at the beginning of June +3 degrees Celsius In most of Europe including Italy.
Translated into simple words, scorching and prolonged heat waves with a maximum of 40 degrees Celsius and above. We have already experienced similar conditions in the summer of 2023, with records of up to 43°C in Rome and 48°C in Sicily and Sardinia; This year, As for campus, it could be worse.
Summer 2024: Warmer than climatological average (Source: ECMWF)
The limits of the Paris Agreement have been violated
I am L Global warming Hence, it continues to break all known records and reach even greater heights. According to the Climate Change Service CopernicusFor the first time since records, global average temperature anomalies for twelve straight months have exceeded the 1.5°C limit set by the Paris Agreement: That's about it climate range, A point of no return, beyond which destructive events are triggered for our society.
It is needed immediately To reduce greenhouse gas emissions (CO2 from burning fossil fuels) in the atmosphere, as well as finding adaptation measures and crossing our fingers that a point of no return will not cross our path.

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