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Marmolada, the number of missing, all Italians, has dropped to 5. A fourth victim has been identified, a woman in her thirties – Chronicle

The fourth officially recognized victim of the Marmolada disaster is Liliana Bertoldi, 54, of Levico (Trento). Known throughout Trentino, he worked as a street vendor in a van selling spit-roasted chicken. The Trento Public Prosecutor’s Office will officially entrust Ris di Parma with the task of analyzing the DNA of the victims’ remains.

ANSA has learned that the number of people missing in the Marmalade disaster has dropped to five. Provisional stock is seven recovered bodies, four of which are recognized, two are recognized in process and one is unknown. Eight of the 13 people feared missing were found by Cavalese’s Carabinieri. In collaboration with the authorities of the Autonomous Province of Trento and the Veneto Region. So the number of people comes down to 5 – all of Italian nationality – No news since the afternoon of July 3, when the Marmolada glacier collapsed. The Province of Trento informs it. The latest officially recognized victim is a man living in Trentino. Eight were wounded, one of whom was discharged. After finding four foreigners this morning, the authorities coordinating the interventions in Marmolada were able to contact three more people, whose nationality was not given, who were initially included in the list of missing persons immediately after the collapse of the glacier. The three climbers are said to be doing well, an operational meeting is scheduled for tomorrow at Trento’s public prosecutor’s office, and a 30-year-old Trentino boy is among the five identified and hospitalized in Treviso with a prognosis. Non-life-threatening. Ca’Foncello’s doctors found a significant cerebral edema and internal organ injuries on admission. The unconscious youth was found without any documents.
Slowly, indeed, those who were said to have disappeared, like the two French mountaineers, are reappearing Those touched by the glacier said there were at least 12 people on the normal route at the dramatic moment. It is considered realistic to count official deaths with names of persons searched by relatives. Investigators have been asking witnesses, even today, as in recent days, to get a sense of how many people were on the glacier when Serac collapsed.

Marmolada is unlimited Following the final decree of Giovanni Bernardo, Mayor of Canassie. The move, currently of indefinite duration, follows a partial closure order on Sunday and is considered necessary to operate safely and remove visitors from the wind of the disaster. Mountain, all the activities we do take into account this aspect, which is not so normal: one might think that after three days, because he does not fall, he can stay there, but it is not so. It has been visited several times by the province’s ice and glaciologists, who are very concerned about the fractures that have developed on top of the rest of the area. So we have the duty to guarantee everyone’s safety”. On the sidelines of the rescue coordination meeting in Canassie, Mauricio Dellantonio, head of the National Alpine Rescue, said. “We have already calculated a new interval: that is, how many seconds will it take for the area that we consider primary and where the statistics are low. We’re talking about two tens of seconds in the highest part. . It requires a very careful attention to this problem”, added the Alpine rescue number one.
“We talked about the tragedy of Marmolada, the symbolic element of what climate change, if not managed, is creating in the world. It requires the full cooperation of all, otherwise it will not be managed”. Sergio Mattarella made the announcement at the Presidential Palace in Maputo. “There are countries that have not committed themselves. And everyone should be invited to take pledges”.

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“Just as it is clear that sustainability is not a trend, but a need, it is clear that a greater degree of discretion is required at this temperature”. Tourism Minister Massimo Caravaglia said this while commenting on the Marmalada tragedy on the sidelines of a meeting on cultural tourism in Ascoli Piceno. The importance of sustainability, “We were taught by young people at the first World Conference on Youth Tourism organized with the UN in Sorrento: for generation Z born after 1997, 2 billion in the world, sustainability is one of the most important things when choosing a tourist destination”.

Research – During morning reconnaissance by drones along Marmolada’s regular route, remains of missing persons and personal effects were also found. This was announced by Mountain Rescue National President Mauricio Dellantonio.

Some of the clothing, unknown whether it was attributed to victims of the Marmolada disaster or earlier discoveries, was identified during surveys carried out by drones. Fausto Zambelli, flight attendant of the helicopter group of the province of Trento, told the press. “We will now look at how to recover these finds and whether there are more victims or if they belong to earlier historical excursions,” Zambelli said.

Alpine glaciers shrink by 30 meters every year

The Tragedy of MarmaladeLargest ice and rocks ever returned Seven victims And Eight injured, two of which are serious. Already the deadliest tragedy on record in the Italian mountains, it has terrified rescuers, who were forced to call off the search for hours yesterday due to bad weather, prompting them to go into more serious action. Beware of a treacherous surface and risk further movement and collapse.
Yesterday at the foothills of Marmolada, the Prime Minister came to support the community of rescuers and express solidarity with the affected areas.
Mario Draghi, He braved the dangers of bad weather to travel to Kanasei, where he held a summit with administrators and technicians, and met with some relatives of the victims and the missing. “Today Italy mourns these victims – he said – and all Italians hug each other with affection”. “It is a drama – he announced, moved – it is certainly unpredictable, but it certainly depends on the deterioration of the environment and climate. The government should think about what happened and take action about what happened. The probability of happening is low, rather it is avoided,” Draghi said. said. “Measures must be taken to ensure that what happened in Marmolada does not happen again in Italy,” the prime minister reiterated. The Prime Minister will consult with civil defence, rescuers and local authorities. The Premier arrived in Trentino by car from Verona, accompanied by Civil Defense Chief Fabrizio Guercio and the heads of Veneto and the Autonomous Provinces of Trento in Bolzano.

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The number of missing should include those in four cars at the base camp in Passo Fedaya, all foreigners: one German, two from the Czech Republic and one Hungarian. No news about them yet. Those who already knew and still believed that a loved one would never return home were now increasingly united by a similar agony. Hopes of finding survivors are fading. Three of the seven confirmed victims were all Italians and specifically from the province of Vicenza: Filippo Bari, Tommaso Carollo and Paolo Dani. Barry, a twenty-seven-year-old resident of Malo, worked in a hardware store in Isola Vicentina, had a partner and a 4-year-old son. Before the tragedy he sent a last selfie from Marmolada to friends and relatives. Carollo, 48, was manager of The; Dani was a mountain guide from Valdagno and was 52 years old.

As the hours go by, finding and recovering bodies becomes more complicated. After six victims were found on Sunday, only one was found yesterday, and it will be increasingly difficult in the future, at least on the highest part of the road where the landslide is left. Some of the missing may have fallen into cracks found on the ‘normal’ route. On the other hand, between snow and debris, it should be easier to retrieve victims in the lower part.

Yesterday an emergency helicopter made several flyovers in the area, and a strong storm hit the area within hours, delaying Mario Draghi’s arrival. As Mauricio Del Antonio of the National Alpine Rescue explained, it’s now possible to operate with drones and overflights to identify any kind of discovery, and then “you go there very quickly, you do a sort of helicopter descent. In photo documentation, we take what we find. Something on the surface. We’re going to recover. No more digging, the mass of snow is so consolidated that even a pickaxe can’t dig it. A special Guardia di Finanza helicopter is also arriving with an “imci catcher” system that helps identify mobile phones under different layers of snow – but only if it’s turned on – By its IMEI number, that sequence of names is a bit of the device’s “plate.” In short, everything is played out in the slim hope of finding someone alive.