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Green Boss, Interior Ministry circular: "Managers do not have to ask for documents except for abuse or breach of rules"

Green Boss, Interior Ministry circular: “Managers do not have to ask for documents except for abuse or breach of rules”

The Identity verification The owner of the green pass “H. Preferred nature And guarantees the legal possession of the certificate. This verification will be done anyway Required In cases Abuse or violation Of terms ”, for example“ when it appears Reveals the contradiction With personal data in the certificate “. Here is the solution Round Ministry of Home Affairs – Minister Louisiana Lamorges announced Monday And signed by the Chairman of the Cabinet Bruno Frattasi – Indicates to resolve the much-discussed knot in the last few days: i.e., if I Holders From Bars and restaurants To or not Request documents For hosts to “complete” control of the Green Pass. Basically, the ministry states, exhibitors have the right to ask for an identity card but They are not obligated to do so, If they are not in a clear presence Attempt to cheatFor example, the date of birth shown on the pass does not match the age of the owner, or the male owner (or vice versa) against a female owner. In any case “questionable verification should be carried out in a protective manner Confidentiality Of the person towards third parties. “

Tuesday The Privacy GuaranteeResponding to, a Question from the Piedmont region, That was clarified Figures identified as “checkers” by DBCM Green Pass (including owners of accommodation facilities and public companies) Legitimized Documents must be displayed even if they are not eligible Public officials. A circumstance has been reaffirmed in the Ministry’s circular: “It is pertinent to note that the sponsor is required to disclose the identity document, even if the applicant is a verifier – the text continues – Don’t come back In the public authorities section “. And he points out” If Incompatible Fines (between 400 and 1000 euros) between the holder of the green certificate and the holder of it Version) Apply Customer’s only, Where they could not be found Explicit liability And at the expense of the operator. ”On the other hand for shows and sporting events,“ they may qualify for checks The so-called, Employees employed in those services, employees belonging to the appropriate lists of questers Sub Predicted at Police Sports Facilities. “

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The document closes with a reminder of prioritiesAbsolute need Much attention is paid Verification and control measures About the actual use of these certificates, with specific reference Most affected areas Makes them a specific thing because there are functions that are subject to verification Programming In the Provincial Committee for Public Order and Safety, as well as in Descendants Tables The functional nature of questers. ”That is, the programming is promoted Sample checks Where the use of the pass is mandatory, especially a. Carried out by the administrative police in the areas High concentration Of the campus. The identified solution includes the demands of the merchants, which was made public again on Tuesday by the head of Fife-Conformercio Roberto Kalugi: “We hope that our request for an identity document will only take place in an approved location Explicit counterfeit note Of the certificate. In that case, if the customer refuses to show the document, we will call law enforcement. We can’t take the place of a public official, ”he said.

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Green Boss, Privacy Guarantee: “Owners of bars and restaurants can ask for ID to verify membership”


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