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USA, crowdfunding sites, the last frontier without wax – the internet and the community

In the US, many no-vote groups thank crowdfunding sites for asking users to fund projects with small amounts. It was announced by Slate magazine that the most used sites are GivenCo, the lesser known but more commonly used by far-right groups and the more popular GoFundMe.

On two platforms, moderate and policy pays to be ‘gray areas’, the ‘script’ of demands for funds is always the same, the characters who define themselves as ‘fighting against dictatorship are the big pharmacy and the state’, asking for money for common vaccination efforts. An example is the collection of Ivory Hecker, a reporter for local Fox 26 Houston television after he stopped reading the weather forecast to announce the release of compromise files that allegedly censored vaccine information.

After he was fired, Hecker continued to propagate fictional theories about Govt and raised $ 200,000. Former Facebook employee Morgan Kahman has amassed even more, leaking company policies against vaccine reluctance and posing as a ‘martyr’, which has been widely publicized by Facebook and has raised more than $ 500,000.

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