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Grand World Championship 2023 – Italy shines with 11 medals in Daytona Beach, Federal President Azzi: “Congratulations to the Italian veterans who asserted themselves at the international summit”

Grand World Championship 2023 – Italy shines with 11 medals in Daytona Beach, Federal President Azzi: “Congratulations to the Italian veterans who asserted themselves at the international summit”

The Italian fencer finished the 2023 Daytona Beach Masters World Championships with a rich collection of 11 medals, with the Italian delegation winning three gold, three silver and five bronze, placing third in the medal table of countries behind only the USA and France.

A wonderful collective result confirms the presence of our veteran players at the international summit“, commented the President of the Italian Fencing Federation, Paolo Azzi. “My sincere greetings and thanks to the head of the delegation, Leonardo Patti, to Professors Paolo Bottari, Giovanni Cirovich and Francesco Calabrese, who guided the athletes in this event, and to all the participants who took to the stage, first and foremost the medalists. But also those who came close to the podium, after important performances, still finished with excellent positions. The Italian masters are great examples of passion, dedication and connection to our sport, champions of hard and persistent training that also led them to the World Championships in Daytona Beach 2023 achieving goals of absolute stature, of which we are proud.Federal President Azzi commented.

The President of the Italian Fencing Association, Leonardo Patti, head of the Italian delegation to the United States, also expressed his complete satisfaction: “I am happy with the results achieved by our athletes at these World Championships, especially since it was an arduous journey that caused some important defections. Third place in the medal table and the 11 medals we obtained confirm our presence at the top of the world championship. I thank all the participants who, with their economic sacrifices and time dedicated to training, allowed us to obtain these results again“.

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In detail, the world champions were Lorenzo Giacinto Morita (Milan Fencing Academy) in the men’s 50 sword category, Iris Gardini (Ariminum Fencing Club) in the women’s 70 sword category, and the Italian women’s epee team consisting of Iris Gardini (Ariminum Fencing Club) and Francesca Zurlo. (Olympia Fencing Club Foggia), Gianna Cirillo (CdS Mangiarotti Milano), Liquin Wei (Cremona Fencing Academy), Marinella Garzini (Polisportiva Scherma Bergamo) and Elena Benucci (Circolo Fencing Terni).
The three silver medals bear the signature of Riccardo Carmina (Giardino Milano) in the 70 category for the men’s saber and men’s saber and foil teams. The Swords team consists of Riccardo Carmina (Giardino Milano), Oliver Emmerich (Officina della Scirma Venezia), Luca Falaschi (Club Scirma Roma), Alberto Vieira Chios (Fidesz Livorno), Fabrizio Filippi (Fidesz Livorno) and Stefano Lanciotti (Club Fidesz). Scirma Roma), while the squad includes Marco Bosio (Schirmabrescia), Riccardo Carmina (Giardino Milano), Fabio De Rosso (Frascati Scirma), Fabio Miraldi (Cos Siena), Filippo Bessi (Udinese), and Gianluca Raj (Accademia Scirma). . Milan).
Five bronze medals. At the individual level, Francesca Zorlo (Olympia Fencing Club Foggia) won in the women’s epee 50 category, Alberto Vieira Chios (Fides Livorno) in the men’s epee 60 category, and Claudio Pirani (Cesare Pompilio Genova) in the 50 category. Men’s epee and Gianna Cirillo (CdS Mangiarotti Milano) in the Women’s 60 Sword category. Third step on the podium also for the Italian women’s saber team composed of Maria Teresa Concone (Petrarca Padua), Iris Gardini (Club Scirma Ariminum), Marinella Garzini (Polisportiva Scirma Bergamo), Gabriella Lo Muzio (Dunno Foggia), Nelina Minto (Petrarca Padua) and Rosangela Topatig (Petrarca of Padua).

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3 hours
Lorenzo Giacinto Murrieta (Milan Fencing Academy) – Men’s Sword, Class 50
Iris Gardini (Schirma Ariminum Club) – Women’s 70-Chip Class
Women’s chip team
Iris Gardini (Ariminum Fencing Club)
Francesca Zorlo (Olympia Fencing Club Foggia)
Gianna Cirillo (CDS Mangiarotti Milan)
Lequin Wei (Cremona Fencing Academy)
Marinella Garzini (Polisportiva Senge Bergamo)
Elena Benucci (Terni Fencing Club)

3 silver
Ricardo Carmina (Giardino Milano) – Men’s Sword Class 70
Saber men team
Riccardo Carmina (Giardino Milano)
Oliver Emmerich (Rifle Fencing Workshop)
Luca Falasci (Roma Fencing Club)
Alberto Vieira Chios (Fides Livorno)
Fabrizio Filippi (Fides Livorno)
Stefano Lanciotti (Roma Fencing Club)
Men’s chip team
Marco Bosio (Schirmabrescia)
Riccardo Carmina (Giardino Milano)
Fabio De Rosso (Fencing Frascati)
Fabio Miraldi (Cos Siena)
Filippo Beschi (Udinese)
Gianluca Ragg (Milan Fencing Academy)

5 bronzes
Francesca Zorlo
(Olympia Fencing Club Foggia) – Class 50 Women’s Foil
Alberto Vieira Chios (Fides Livorno) – Men’s Sword Class 60
Claudio Pirani (Cesare Pompilio of Genoa) – Class 50 of the Men’s Sword
Gianna Cirillo (CdS Mangiarotti Milano) – Class 60 Women’s Sword
Saber women’s team
Maria Teresa Conconi (Petrarca of Padua)
Iris Gardini (Ariminum Fencing Club)
Marinella Garzini (Bergamo Fencing Club)
Gabriella Lo Muzio (Dauno Foggia)
Nelina Mintu (Petrarca of Padua)
Rosangela Topatigue (Petrarch of Padua)

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