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The story of the founder of Adidas is at the heart of a miniseries from the manufacturer of Ferrari

The story of the founder of Adidas is at the heart of a miniseries from the manufacturer of Ferrari

Niels Juhl has partnered with the family of Adi Dassler, founder of the iconic sportswear brand, to tell his incredible entrepreneurial and humanitarian story.

Behind every great brand, there is always a great man or woman. It’s no exception Adidas company, a sportswear brand that has been famous around the world for decades. Not everyone knows the history of its German founder Adi Dasslerfull of strokes of genius, ridiculous deaths, and amazing rivalries. diverse It reveals that the independent producer Niels Juulthe same as Ferrari And Moonflower Killershas partnered with the family of Adi Dassler to develop a mini-series around the life of the businessman and the history of the global brand he created from his small village in Germany.

Adi Dassler series: first details

From the first information shared, we know that the miniseries will also explore the family drama that separated Adi Dassler from his brother Rudolf who later founded Puma, giving rise to one of the most famous entrepreneurial rivalries in marketing history. The initial synopsis explains that the story will be told from the point of view of Dassler’s eldest daughter, Inge, depicting her father’s “relentless passion for sports and obsession with innovation.”

Jewel Company defined the project as: “A creative intersection between the crown and the succession”. “I’m a big fan of real-life stories, and as much as I loved Enzo Ferrari’s story, I was immediately drawn to Adi’s story. It’s dramatic, intense and brutal but also hilarious and funny at times, with the rivalry between the two brothers,” the producer said in a statement.

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A family saga intertwined with sporting history

“But what really draws me to the story is how the idealistic, visionary man of the time completely defied convention,” Jules continued. “From making shoes for gold medalist Jesse Owens against Hitler’s wishes at the 1936 Berlin Olympics to supporting Katrin Switzer, the first woman to run the Boston Marathon in 1967 even when – as a woman – she was not allowed to, or to developing the first women’s tennis shoe for Billie Jane Qing She fought for equal rights for women in sports. Through these groundbreaking events in sports history, I see a great opportunity to not only tell an amazing family and brand saga, but also to shine an intimate and personal spotlight on some of the most famous and memorable events in sports history.

Horst Bente AD Legacy, the company founded by Dassler’s descendants, shared a statement on behalf of the family that said: “We are very pleased to partner with Niels Juhl and his team. Niels’ European roots, experience and, above all, vision” How to tell the story of our family spanning decades makes him a partner Perfect for us. We look forward to participating in and fully supporting all aspects of this project. “We are also grateful for adidas’ support as it is our mutual desire to share this wonderful piece of sporting history.”

The miniseries is still untitled and possibly by 12 episodesis still in development and includes engineers and creatives from the US, UK and Germany who will be working with the AD Legacy team over the coming months.

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