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“Government wants to intimidate magistrates”-

“Government wants to intimidate magistrates”-

ANM confirms in the document «that state of agitation freedom andAutonomy of Judiciary» and decides to convene a General Assembly to discuss “attacks on jurisdiction and severe disparagement of individual judges who have adopted measures related to international security”. A “diagnosisAn attack of unusual intensity Deliberately shifts the focus away from the discussion of merits Conduct outside the performance of duties by a magistrate.” He therefore urges “politicians to think about the consequences of similar activities”. Outlawing Aimed at weakening credibility e Independence of Judiciary». ANM asks Privacy Guaranteed To take all appropriate initiatives a Protection of Judges Meaning Unwanted intrusions As a result of the content of their activities in their private lives”. Finally, this document urges the Minister of Justice to “specify the objectives of the authority. researchers» In the apostolic case.

In support of the document 22 votes. Only those who voted against 8 representatives of independent judiciary, the more moderate current of the self-governing group of judges this time, therefore, split. However, the independent judiciary had submitted its own movementRejected, it raised political concerns: it expressed “concert” and “concern” and recalled “the need to re-establish the inevitable peace in the relations between the powers of the state”, “stopping the work of disputes and personal delegitimization of individual judges”.

No to joint motionHowever, it is coming Criticized severely By Area Judges. In a note the current coordinator warns: “The independent judiciary has chosen a field”. Later to reveal: “At the Palermo Congress, we clearly explained how an axis is being welded between this subcommittee and the majority of the government. What is the compensation? Do we need the votes of the secular central right to monopolize self-government appointments in exchange for the silence of the judiciary and the ANM? A peaceful or otherwise divided union does not scapegoat judges who make undesirable arrangements. makes them subject to public ridicule and an indecent act of documentation that invades their private sphere.”

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exchange The League’s opinion, which states: «Justice reform is urgent. Judiciary should focus on peaceful adjudication. ANM’s protests and loud voices will not help re-establish a climate of respect.”