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Government crisis, we are at the 'end game': the center-right dictates two conditions

Government crisis, we are at the ‘end game’: the center-right dictates two conditions

we are here. If it’s not game over, we’re close. Surely we are al redde rationem, at the crucial moment to understand the future of the Draghi government. Until yesterday, all eyes turned towards Five star movementAnd the Guilty to open the government crisis Having pushed Draghi to resign, all eyes are now on the center-right. To which the reaction was compressed, putting Supermario in the corner.

In fact, the Prime Minister’s speech was very harsh. But not just against the grillini, as expected. Several clips with nuisance notes were also recorded by the League and center right, also at Forza Italia. After the Prime Minister’s calls, the center-right met at Villa Grande to decide how to proceed. And at about 2 pm, almost everything changed.

Watch the live broadcast here

To deliver the choices of the center was Maximilian Romeogroup leader at Palazzo Madama del Karuchi. There could be no clearer speech. As for the league, in fact, Draghi must “take note that a new majority has been born” on July 14, when the M5S did not vote for the aid. To rebuild the “new charter”, at the request of the prime minister, in short, “a new majority and a new majority are needed GovernmentRomeo dictated the terms and offered the riders two possible options:

1. Note that the M5S is “no longer part of this majority” and therefore with a new government and new ministers, which will review citizenship income and listen to Northern League requests on immigration and taxes. “This government should be on your head because we respect you,” said Romeo.

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2. Then Lega suggests another possibility: that Draghi goes to Cole, resigns again and opens the “Ciampi” scenario. This is to dissolve the rooms and allow Draghi to stay in the Chigi Palace with those “full powers” (fracciatina of the Prime Minister) useful to complete the PNRR, arrange the budget and bring the country to the elections safely.

site decision from Roberto Calderoli, which can be voted on tonight. The text affirms “support for deeply renewed government action, both in terms of political options and in terms of composition.” The request is that the government structure “include exclusively ‘political forces’ as expressions of the parties who voted for confidence at the July 14 Senate session.”

To deny those who were conceiving that the league transfer was not shared with Forza Italia, came the note of the compact position. As President Mario Draghi correctly pointed out during his speech – we read – a decision 5 star movement It has breached the “Pact of Confidence” that was the basis of the National Unity Government, which also faced serious emergencies and started valuable work on the National Measurement Program. The center-right government is open to a “new charter” of government and will continue to make its contribution to solving Italy’s problems only through a new government, again led by Mario Draghi, without a deeply renewed 5-star movement.