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Gov. Milan and the Lombardy Bulletin Wednesday 8 December 2021

Gov. Milan and the Lombardy Bulletin Wednesday 8 December 2021

A bulletin released by the Ministry of Health on the afternoon of December 8 stated that 3,373 new Govt positives had been detected in Lombardy in the past 24 hours. The number of swaps performed was 112,492, a positive percentage compared to 3% swaps, an increase of 2.2% over the previous number. In Lombardy 136 patients are admitted for intensive care (two more), while in normal wards they are 1,066 (twenty-five more).

In the metropolitan area of ​​Milan, there are 865 new infections, and in other provinces Prussia stands alone (445). Then there are Monza-Brienza (388) and Varis (381), Bergamo (245), Como (215), Pavia (207), Mantua (174), Leco (111), Lodi (103), Cremona (99) and Sondrio ( 50) Finally, twenty-five people were affected by Govt.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, December 7, the The second day Consecutive daily doses in the region exceed 91,000 doses of Govt vaccine. Last week, 550,000 administrations were made, averaging 78,661 per day.

Places in hospitals increased

Also, to avoid the yellow zone, the The Beds Allotted to those admitted to hospital due to covit. Now it stands at 7,945. It should be noted that the yellow zone ‘clicks’ when three conditions are met: 15% of the beds in the medical area and 10% of the intensive care beds exceed 50 cases per 100,000 population. Two of the three conditions are, therefore, hospital beds concern and, moreover, the third condition has already been overcome.

As for the 15% limit, it goes from 1,003 beds in the medical area to 189 units to 1,192 beds. On Monday, December 6, 986 people were hospitalized in the medical area.

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