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Herculaneum, Mayor Punajudo's request: "The painting returned by the American billionaire Steinhardt is back here"

Herculaneum, Mayor Punajudo’s request: “The painting returned by the American billionaire Steinhardt is back here”

“Fresco of the American billionaire Herculaneum Michael Steinhardt He decided to return, with so many stolen items of antiquity, that he should return to our city. This is the mayor’s request Ergolano, Chiro Punajudo, He addressed «President Mario Draghi and Minister of Culture Tario Francisini. That work – Buonajuto explains – belongs to our community, which was stolen from Herculaneum in 1995, and today, once the legal issue is over, it is right to return to the shadow of Vesuvius so that it can be admired by all.

The news came yesterday that Michael Steinhard, one of the world’s largest antique art collectors, had returned to the authorities 180 antiques worth $ 70 million stolen from 11 countries. After several years of investigation involving the carabiner, the petition agreement would allow the immediate return of the confiscated property, otherwise the seizure would have ended under the pending investigation.

“Among the pieces returned by the American businessman – underscoring Punajudo – is a painting depicting a young Hercules strangling a snake sent by Hera to kill him. has its value today One million dollars»Buonajuto concludes.

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