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Goodbye to the Whatsapp application on these smartphones as of today, October 24, 2023

Goodbye to the Whatsapp application on these smartphones as of today, October 24, 2023

As it happens periodically, it is time to say goodbye to WhatsApp if the phone we use to chat has an outdated operating system.

It has happened again, as it has happened in the past and as it will happen again in the future: as of today some smartphones are no longer compatible with WhatsAppThe application does not work and users have to use a file Different phone To log in to your account. all of that It has already happened several timesfor example in January 2021, October 2021, October 2022, December 2022 and many other times.

Goodbye to WhatsApp on Android 4.4

As has also happened in the past, what makes the difference between those who can use WhatsApp and those who can no longer is once again the version of WhatsApp. OS. As of today, for example, not all users with an updated phone will be able to use WhatsApp Android 4.4 or earlier.

To use WhatsApp, as of today, October 24, 2023, you will need a phone running at least Android 5.0. The hadith does not apply to men iPhoneEven Apple phones have becomeOutdatedThey have to say goodbye to WhatsApp after a certain number of years, but with different rhythms compared to Android.

Why WhatsApp is abandoning Android 4.4

Actually it is not so WhatsApp Say goodbye to the operating system Android 4.4: It was the same Google To do this, in August 2023. In fact, Google stopped releasing all security patches for this operating system and no longer even releases updates to the Play Store.

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Android 4.4, therefore, is “Petrified” forever and, therefore, is no longer protected against all cyber threats detected after the latest update. In other words: it has become used Very dangerous.

So it’s not at all surprising half I decided to block the use of WhatsApp on phones running this operating system: what is more sensitive and protected than the application that users exchange Private messages With your contacts?

Which smartphones can use WhatsApp?

Fortunately, there are very few smartphones that are still running Android 4.4 or older versions. Less than 1% of the total of active Android phones in the world. However, they are few One million phonesis often used as a second device or as an emergency phone in case of errors and problems with the main device.

to go on a date, October 24, 2023You can download the WhatsApp application on phones running the following operating systems (or later):

  • Android 5.0
  • iOS 12
  • Caius 2.5.0

To use WhatsApp all phones must be able to receive short message or Calls For the phone number verification process.

WhatsApp on old Android: what to do

Anyone in Italy today who has a phone with an operating system that is no longer supported by WhatsApp, You will no longer be able to use the application The most popular messaging platform in the world.

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There is no solution With this problem, the application cannot be used while accepting the risk of not protecting the operating system: the application simply no longer works.

Therefore, anyone who wants to continue using WhatsApp will not have to do anything else Use a newer phone: In theory, a smartphone running Android 5.0 will be enough, but even this will not be compatible in a few months. It is better to buy a modern device, therefore, Even the low-end ones.

to Check your Android version Installed on your phone, just go to Settings > System > About phone > Android version