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Giorgetti and Superbonus: 'Parliament is sovereign, but stop the illusions' – News

Giorgetti and Superbonus: 'Parliament is sovereign, but stop the illusions' – News

“Parliament decides, but I know what is the limit we cannot go, this is the truth of the numbers” and superbonus is “like a nuclear power plant we cannot manage yet”. Economy Minister Giancarlo Giorgetti said this in the budget committee of the House.

Even the 70% bonus, “I assure you it's a lot from the outside, we have to get out of this illusion that everything seems to be owed to us these years” and “If you owe. Pay it” and they've “stolen billions from Italians from Italian families in social security spending. “

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The Minister also spoke about the recent agreement on Stability Pact, Budget and ESM

He noted that the agreement on the stability pact was “a compromise, whether it's a downward or upward compromise, I said, and I repeat, we'll make assessments in a moment.” “The Italian victory is likely to extend up to 7 years for those who respect the Pnrr. That means we must respect the Pnrr – underlined Giorgetti – this flexibility is a great success for our country entering everything” .

As for the budget bill, the Senate's examination, he said, “overall produced a series of changes” that would “improve all public fund balances.” Giorgetti cited changes in the choice of Palazzo Madama, among others social security measures of doctors, employees of local authorities, teachers and bailiffs, but measures to combat housing hardship or infrastructure. “The structure and framework of our proposal has been kept intact – he observed – and the government evaluates it positively”.

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Giorgetti said that after four adjournments, “Parliament should have taken a serious decision” on the ESM, “first of all I did not say that Italy would have ratified it in the Parliament, in Europe, or in any other forum. I have read absurd, completely false things and I ask you to pay attention to them”. . “I've always said that the sovereign parliament voted and voted as I expected at the European level,” he adds, adding that the majority of parliament was against it and “this will inevitably be the outcome.”

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