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Winter in crisis, is it really over with this unusual heat?  Intelligence

Winter in crisis, is it really over with this unusual heat? Intelligence

Extraordinary warmth in the heart of winter

Extraordinary warmth in the heart of winter. But is winter already over?

l'Global temperatures will riseOne of the most obvious signs of global warming (due to the increase in CO2 concentration in the atmosphere The cause of the incident Human activities) This is indeed the case It changes its face in all seasons. In reality, this is not a single day, but a trend that represents warming with consequences over the last 20 years in particular.

In these last days of 2023, we are recording very low temperatures, especially in the mountainous areas where the temperature reaches 13/15 degrees Celsius above 1500 meters. The Zero temperature (altitude where the temperature goes from positive to negative values) is more than 3400 meters (as in mid-summer), which is a clear indication of a truly significant climate anomaly.
It is very hot not only in Italy and the Mediterranean, but also in Europe Central with deviations from the reference average of more than 10°C between France and Germany: simply put, winter has disappeared from the Old Continent, at least for now.

Anomalous heat: Temperatures are higher than the average climate
At least until the end of 2023, but we may have to deal with early 2024. Maximum values ​​above average 2 to 5°C in the north, 4 to 7°C in the center and 8°C in the south.

to find one Way out From this Yet another The weather is crazy Maybe we should wait until we start Ten days from January Due to the arrival of colder and more unstable currents from northern Europe, we will return to more suitable weather conditions.

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