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The situation was accelerated in the evening - Libero Codidiano

The situation was accelerated in the evening – Libero Codidiano

In the league we go from “satisfaction” to “surprise”. The long afternoon of green bass and vaccinations begins with the option of 17 Matteo Salvini They filter sober words towards the Prime Minister Mario Draghi: “Satisfied with the acceptance of some of our requests: no ban on travel on trains, planes and buses, no obligation to workers, youth and students, no postponement to September”. “In the CDM – they say – the ministers of the League (as requested by the regions) will be asked to hold. 20% ceiling for intensive care (Today they occupy an average of 2%) Band change, exclusion of restaurants and bars from the obligation to use the bass, immediate reopening of discos (even with the bass) and no free tampons bass for anyone. Our goal is to save lives and jobs at the same time without penalties and restrictions. ”

Then something goes wrong and the league is isolated compared to other parties. Pass on Green Boss For practically every activity, the cap for the yellow zone is 10% (of course, always better than 5%, as requested by the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza And CDS’s experts), and the squeeze on school and transport seems to have been postponed for a week, perhaps blowing up the situation and not resolving tensions. However, the Prime Minister’s unusually harsh, harsh, assertive words displace Salvini. “Anyone who calls not to be vaccinated invites them to die,” Drake says. An indirect message to the Northern League, which in recent days has reiterated that people under the age of 40 should not be vaccinated and has always been against the obligation to vaccinate. “Everyone’s goal, mine, is to save lives, protect the Italians, their health, their work, their independence – this is the official response of the Secretary of the Northern League – to protect the elderly, parents and grandparents, without imposing fines, imprisonment or fines on their children and grandchildren. Scientific communities and governments Germany e England, Minors should be wary of vaccines, maybe you call them to die? Fortunately not. In Italy today, as in previous days, the number of ICU patients is under control, 158 (98% of beds are empty) compared to 385 a month ago. Well, go on like this. Italians, as always, are proving to be a better people, and one of the principles that guides them and me is: freedom. “It was, just before 9pm.

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But it was an hour later, At 10 p.m., Revealing the real “feelings” of the league. “There’s a surprise after Mario Tragi’s words – these are the words that jump through Rome and Bellerio – this afternoon Long and good phone call Between Matteo Salvini and the Prime Minister. The league leader promised maximum support for the reforms – starting Justice e Tax – And he reiterated some constructive observations about the Green Pass and the vaccination program. “Obviously, these observations do not convince Tracy.