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Freezing temperatures above 5,000 metres, glaciers in danger – QuiFinanza


Italy is facing an exceptional wave of African heat Which raises concerns and tests the country. This situation of exceptionally high temperatures appears to continue in the coming days, setting new records and challenging mountain ecosystems.

The zero point was recorded at an altitude of 5328 meters

A new record was achieved in Italian thermal surveys: He. She The freezing point was recorded at an unusually high of 5328 meters, at the Novara Cameri sounding station. This value surpassed the previous Swiss record of 5,298 metres, set in Bayern, indicating the extent of this unusual weather phenomenon affecting Italy.

Critical situation involved The entire system of alpine glaciersWhich is in case of emergency at all heights above zero. This alarming situation has raised concerns among experts, because the stability and balance of these glaciers is essential to the mountain ecosystem and water reserves. it is expected that This situation will continue throughout the weekHe drew attention to the need to address climate change.

Record heat on a marmolada

The Marmolada region, with its majestic presence in the Dolomites, set a new temperature record. After recording a temperature of +13.3°C on August 19, the thermometer rose to an incredible 14° on August 20, at an altitude of 3343 metres. These surprising data are explained by the increase in isotherms caused by the action of the subtropical cyclone that dominates Italy. The expected freezing point rise of more than 5,000 meters adds additional importance to this exceptional situation.

Experts expect that the current heat wave will reach its peak in the coming days, reaching peaks of 38 degrees in some Italian cities. However, signs of change seem to be on the horizon, and any reversal is likely to ease temperatures towards the end of the week. This could be a game changer in the context of the current heat wave.

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Urban and regional influences of temperature

exceptional heat It will affect Italian cities in a big way. Until August 26, regions such as Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna, Lombardy, Veneto and Piedmont will see maximum temperatures of 37-39 degrees. Major cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence and Bologna will face almost unbearable scorching conditions. In the south, temperatures will be less severe, but still noticeable.

After July 2023, which set a new record by becoming Warmest period ever In terms of global average temperature, Italy experiences a A new exceptional weather eventwith record temperatures and The situation is critical for the glaciers of the Alps. This African heat wave highlights the importance of addressing climate challenges and taking steps to mitigate future impacts. Climate balance and environmental sustainability require collective commitment and concerted action.

When will the extreme heat end?

Meteorologists estimate that This last heat wave of summer 2023 will reach its peak next Saturday, August 26. early the following Sunday, On January 27, a cyclone from the United Kingdom is expected to cross the Mediterranean Sea Hence Italy. Forecasts indicate a significant change at the end of this week, with a sudden drop in temperatures. According to experts, there will be a drop in temperatures of up to ten degrees in the center and northWhile in the south there will be a decrease of five or six degrees. This is due to a stormy period which from the last weekend of August until September 3rd will bring a general revival to the whole Italian territory.

This event will mark the end of the third heat wave of this summer. In particular, the thermal contrast between the ground and the air can cause this Severe thunderstormsWith the possibility of hail and strong winds. The thermal collapse will be relentless, bringing temperatures down by 10-12°C compared to the values ​​recorded in recent days.

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