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Renovate your home while saving 50% with these two little used bonuses

Renovate your home while saving 50% with these two little used bonuses

Rewards will allow you to renovate your house by spending half of it. Let’s find out how they work and which one fits your needs best.

The state helps citizens to renovate their homes by providing two subsidies that allow savings of 50%. Opportunities that can’t be missed especially after Case Green’s guidance.

If you are wondering why you should renovate your home, we have the answer, and the European Union certainly has the answer. By 2030, all residential buildings must be energy class E. What is your property class? Perhaps it does not exceed G like 70% of Italian homes. This means having to spend large sums to make the house more energy efficient.

We are not talking about rebuilding floors, systems and repainting but investing in thermal insulation, solar panels, new installations and replacing old gas boilers. Interventions with a total cost of about 50 thousand euros. You need to save, that’s for sure. To do this, you have to take advantage of the bonuses that the state provides. Today we’re going to give you two, the combination bonus and the drawing bonus.

Double bonus to renovate your home and save 50%

Let’s start with rewarding matches, which is the procedure that provides 50% tax rebate on expenses incurred to replace old fixtures With new products that are more energy efficient. This discount is part of the 50% Home Bonus. This means that this can be ordered through the implementation of a series of building renovation interventions. Alternatively, the bonus can be requested without restructuring provided that metal, wood or PVC fittings are purchased.

Bonuses for your home renovation –

Citizens who own a home or who rent it can apply for it. Windows, doors and awnings if they face north, curtains can be replaced. The maximum spending is €60,000 per property unit. The taxpayer must submit the advance notification to ENEA to request the bonus and keep the invoices and payment remittances. If possible, instead of deducting the discount on the bill, you can take advantage of it.

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The second bonus allows you to deduct 50% of the expenses incurred for painting the interior and exterior walls of the house. This action is part of the restructuring bonus and therefore requires normal or extraordinary maintenance work on the property. If you demolish a wall, install solar panels, or rebuild stairs, you will be entitled to a paint bonus. The maximum spending is €96,000.

Refunds are made with the tax return. Credits may not be waived.