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“He is the man of the Sienese boss”

“He is the man of the Sienese boss”

On Sunday, January 14, 'The Report' will talk about the show Franco Meloni, father of Prime Minister Georgia Maloney. 'La Repubblica' provided some previews of the report, which mentions alleged ties between the man who died in 2012 and the boss. Michael Cheneys.

Disclosure of alleged connection between Franco Meloni and Cheney

As expected by 'La Repubblica', judicial collaborator Nunzio Perrella revealed to 'Report' the alleged connection between Franco Meloni and boss Michele Senese.

Perella told 'The Report' that she initially met Francesco Meloni, also known as Franco, Georgia Meloni's father. Nineties. Franco Meloni was arrested in the port of Ma in Menorca on 25 September 1995, as reported by the Spanish press, because he had 1,500 kg of hashish on board a sailboat.

Perella said that during those years he asked Michael Chenese about the availability of significant amounts of hashish, and Chenese responded positively by mentioning one of his men, Franco. Justice Cooper also reported seeing the man with Cheneys Neptune In 1992.

At first, Perella did not know the surname of Cheney's contact, then, after the news about the Prime Minister's father resurfaced, he saw the photo and confirmed to 'Report': “I saw Melony's father“.

Perella would have spoken to the magistrates about this Franco after beginning his cooperation with the justice system. A judicial collaborator explained that Franco Meloni would have come into the Chenese circle because of an old debt with the founder of the Camorra clan.

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Department of Justice Associate Nuncio Perella in a 2017 photo.

The relationship between Georgia Meloni and her father Franco

Georgia Meloney said in her autobiography that she didn't More reports With his father Franco lentils 1988When she was 11 years old.

In a recent interview on the TV show Belv, the Prime Minister added: “If an 11-year-old girl decides that her father doesn't want to see her anymore and does that, Clearly this man is up to something. My father did everything to avoid being loved and respected. It is hard for me to say that he is a good man“.

Who is Franco Meloni?

It's Franco Meloni Father of Georgia Meloney and Ariana Meloney. In 1981 he moved to La Gomera in the Canary Islands. In 1995 he was arrested in Menorca He died in 2012.

Photo credit: ANSA