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Ford, this agent reveals an exciting “secret”: No one remembers them

Ford, this agent reveals an exciting “secret”: No one remembers them

A private Ford dealer reveals an interesting secret to car enthusiasts: Who would have expected this?

There are incredible stories that, even though they are related to cars, actually represent a clear example of how these stories can become a symbol, a way to remember someone we love, a reminder of life and a bond that acquires absolute value for us. People involved.

This Ford dealership is a real mystery – Youtube @autoretro –

The story we want to tell you today is a story Ford dealer located in Germany, in an unknown location where cars dating back to the 1980s and 1990s are on display. The existence of this strange old dealership, where the cars look perfectly preserved and which in some ways looks like a place firmly in the past, was revealed by a photo from a web user in 2021.

Only later was it discovered that the photo in question was taken in a German town in 2010. However, this was the only information that came to light, so many questions remain: Why is there a Ford dealer that only sells 30 models? Years ago? Who does it belong to? How to keep cars in perfect condition Although it seems that the agency has been abandoned?

The beautiful story of a Ford dealer left behind in time

Moved by the same curiosity that you feel when reading these few lines, the editorial team at Auto Retro decided to explore the city Where the merchant is located and they undertake a journey of more than a thousand kilometers from England to Germany to learn more about this extraordinary story. At first glance, journalists were astonished to discover that everything remained exactly the same as in the photo taken 13 years ago.

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The secret revealed by the Ford dealer
This is why there is still a Ford dealer that only sells cars from the 80s and 90s – YouTube @autoretro –

By talking to the building owner, they discovered this This dealership closed in 1985 The owner continued to sell cars privately for a few years. Unfortunately, the man died in 1994 and his family tried to sell the remaining cars, but they were only able to sell part of them in 1995.

With those who remained, the man’s widow wanted to create an antique gallery for car enthusiasts. However, when I realized it Some visitors tried to steal parts of the cars on displayLater, the woman decided that anyone who wanted to see the cars would only do so from behind the protective glass.

This explains the existence of an abandoned dealership that owns car models from the 80s and 90s. Auto Retro’s editorial staff had the opportunity to see the cars up close and see how they were perfectly preserved, far from the layer of dust. There is still protective film for the windows, and some even for the seats.