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Cavallino drags him to court, which is a ridiculous story


There has always been a certain rivalry between Ford and Ferrari, but this story is truly worth telling. Here’s what happened.

between the Ferrari And the strongholdThroughout history, there has been no shortage of reasons for discussion. The focus of the discussions is related to what has happened over the years Sixtywith the Detroit company wanting to buy Cavallino, but good old Enzo decided to rethink at the last minute, to protect his company from the clutches of the Americans.

Ford Ferrari crazy truth –

As a response, Ford built the monster GT40 and took victory in the 24 Hours of Le Mans against Ferrari, in 1966, in an epic run that also led to the film that was released in theaters a few years earlier. Today we will tell you about a strange story linking these two brands.

Ferrari, look what happened to this car

Buy one Ferrari It’s every four-wheeler’s dream, but as you can imagine, It is very difficult to get a CavallinoThis is due to the very high sales costs imposed by the Italian brand. Precisely for this reason, an interesting incident occurred in France that deserves to be told.

The world is full of Maranello replicas, precisely because of the desire of many people who want to own one, but cannot afford a supercar. Do you think that in 2018, A Spanish dealer bought a Ford Cougar and converted it into an F430 Scuderiaone of the most advanced and beloved cars of the past 20 years.

Obviously, the story immediately caused a sensation. With Ferrari, who decided to take it to court Car dealer. As it turns out, the Ford-built F430 Scuderia was supposed to be a company car, and the result of the court challenge was dramatic.

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actually, The trader prevailed against the Maranello company, avoiding having to pay €2.1 million in compensation and a year in prison, or what Ferrari requested as punishment for what it did. The judge considered Cavallino’s requests to be exaggerated, also due to other details.

The dealer proved that he had actually purchased the modified vehicleAnd he was not the one who turned this Ford into a replica of the F430 Scuderia. However, it has also been emphasized that ““, It certainly didn’t take a genius to understand that it was a fake Maranello. In fact, even the Cavallino logos are not original, so we can’t really talk about a copy, since there are obvious differences.

If you want to confirm, we recommend you take a look at the post we uploaded above, which is uploaded on the page Instagram com. rtvenotias“, Where the fake F430 Scuderia is shown in detail. Sometimes in Maranello they feel very “jealous” of their role models, and this story is a very clear example of that.


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