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Flood and finance, more sparks between Meloni and Bonacini: “Tensions over commissioner’s choices”.  Him: “I repeat, we need a meeting”

Flood and finance, more sparks between Meloni and Bonacini: “Tensions over commissioner’s choices”. Him: “I repeat, we need a meeting”

Bologna, 14 August 2023 – Il Commissioner For reconstruction son On August 24 convenes a technical table with the authorities and regulatory bodies of the region, meanwhile the clash between the premier Georgia Meloney and president of the Emilia Romagna region Stefano Bonacini In the title In the funds earmarked for floods. In recent days, Bonacini sent a letter of complaint to the Prime Minister absent Bad weather in May demanded little money and an emergency meeting. Meloni always answered his part with a letterEffectively denying the Governor’s words, he assured that the funds were actually allocated.

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Melons again Today he is back on the attack: “It seems to me that Bonacini Very nervous And I don’t mean for the reconstruction issue, but for the choices we made on the Commissioner. I don’t understand if Bonacini didn’t recognize the figure of Commissioner Figliulo when he wanted to meet me. If someone wants to politicize reconstruction they can do it, but they should know that they are doing it in the skin of citizens.

These were the harsh words used by the Prime Minister in an interview with Repubblica, Corriere and Stampa regarding criticism of the Emilia Romagna governor on post-flood reconstruction. As for Pnrr, “We didn’t cut anythingThe work will be carried forward”. “We want to do what is necessary to modernize this nation and transfer some funds to other items of the state budget,” concluded Meloni.

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Bonacini: “I reiterate the request for a meeting”

Regarding Giorgia Meloni’s letter in response to Bonacini’s criticisms, the head of the region commented: “We have received a reply from President Meloni. It is not positive. And because, I repeat the meeting request Together, we can restart collaboration to find the most effective responses to flood-affected people and businesses who only ask for one thing. As promised by the government, 100% compensation will be received.

Figliuolo: technical table on August 24

The Special Commissioner For reconstruction, General Figliulo has called for the following August 24 Authorities and regulatory bodies of the region. The Technical Meeting aims to “continue For processing A the ground of Restorative interventions, restoration and repair – it is explained in a note – which takes into account the needs proposed by local administrators and the priorities dictated by the situation created following the flood events of last May. The meeting will be held at the District Headquarters on August 24, 2023 at 10 AMIt is also necessary to submit a set of interventions for preliminary checks, also due to its complexity New climate factors and hydraulic network and hydro-geographic impact on hilly and hilly slopes”.

Briolo: “Construction sites, we work non-stop”

Repair of sluices, Arrangement and cleaning of river beds, re-designing riverbeds and repairing hydraulic works. The summer season of construction sites affecting the regions of Emilia-Romagna affected by floods and bad weather in May: even these weeks they continue at full speed About 80 interventions A total of over 116 million euros in major waterways flooded.

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These are the most urgent tasks launched by the region through the Agency for Regional Defense and Civil Protection to address critical issues in the region following a wave of exceptional weather events. “The commitment is maximum and we are working tirelessly to restore the safety conditions of the rivers in the affected areas – explains Irene Briolo, Vice President in charge of Civil Protection -. Construction sites are being opened in the rivers and streams of Emilia-Romagna. The total value is about 116 million euros, the most urgent works that are part of the 400 million package have already been announced as an absolute priority for the government and we look forward to shifting the resources soon. Interventions are underway – continues the Vice President – indicating the presence of operating companies, workers on the job, experts in the field to coordinate interventions: all these are being implemented with great urgency, that is, The sums required to pay for the work are still to be turned over to Commissioner Figliulo. We await the issuance of the relevant order by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers. Autumn is coming and we must hurry and we cannot waste any more time, which is why we must work to plan more urgent interventions that are not yet financially secure. The situation – concludes Priolo -, especially in the mountains and the Apennines, complex”.

In particular, 22 construction sites are underway in the province of Ravenna, with a total investment of approximately 41 million euros; 14, 13 million and 600 thousand euros in the Forlì-Cesena area; 26 in the Bologna area for a total of about 54 million euros. Again: 9 emergency sums concerning the province of Rimini, about 4 million; 6 are being built in the Modena area, works worth around one million euros; Two in the Reggio area, 3 million.

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