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Maneuver, the center-right agrees to the amendments

Maneuver, the center-right agrees to the amendments

Agreement at centre-right on revisions to maneuver – Majority parties will have more than 400 million euros to cover their amendments.

One knot to untie is precisely that of pensions. As Forza Italia asks, it is possible to raise at least 600 euros a month, but “not immediately” and “if we don’t have the resources in this budget, we will do it during the legislature,” says Turricone, but Azzurri’s parliamentarians seem ready to fight to the point.

On the other hand, it seems that a cash increase of five thousand euros will come into effect. A government coalition will be assured by the decision Council of the European Union Admits its stance on anti-money laundering regulation, which sets out remittances a The maximum limit across the EU is 10,000 euros.

“Well, Europe also confirms the freedom to use one’s money as one likes, with the Italian government doubling the ceiling on the use of money from 5 to 10 thousand euros. Are the claims and critics silent now?”, the Liga president rejoices. Matteo Salvini and many other FdI MPs with him.

Instead the remaining node The limit is 60 euros Beyond that, merchants will be forced to accept electronic payments, which the outcome of the dialogue with the European Commission is also weighing. Still in Brussels, “We are working on the Italian budget law and we will adopt an opinion next week,” declared EU Economic Commissioner Paolo Gentiloni, “I think the principles are very clear, that’s enough. Both electronic invoicing and the fight against tax evasion are key priorities for us. Read Pnrr’s objectives and the annual recommendations we make to various countries, including Italy. But “I don’t think the European Commission should issue warnings. We will examine the proposals and take a decision,” concludes the former prime minister.

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