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Fire, four active eruptions in Friuli: Flames approach houses in Recia.  Fire in prephoto and Fagagna: all updates

Fire, four active eruptions in Friuli: Flames approach houses in Recia. Fire in prephoto and Fagagna: all updates

A fire emergency, as we know it briefly

  • There are four outbreaks in Friuli: firefighters working in Val Resia (Our report from the secluded valley) and a Canadian one is also on the way
  • Civil Defense volunteers on duty (249 with 98 vehicles yesterday, 37 volunteers active with 16 vehicles today)
  • The fires in Fagagna and Cialla di Preboto have returned to strength
  • The first victim is: Elena Lo DukaCivil Defense Agent and Coordinator (Here’s what happened)
  • Karst also continues to burn where the fire is spreading towards Slovenia
  • Fincantieri’s business has resumed in Monfalcone
Our reports from the field

UDINE. Firefighters at work, the night between Thursday 21 and Friday 22 July, several bush fires in some municipalities of Friuli. Here are all the updates today

  • Updated at 11.30: Helicopters to fight fires in improved areas

A vast forest fire that has been raging for four days in the karst between Trieste and Gorizia continues to extinguish and repair the interface.

After night break, after aerial reconnaissance with thermal imaging camera, operations of water launches were resumed by three regional helicopters, especially in inaccessible areas. Ground teams are involved in recovering burnt areas and dousing some minor remnants of the explosion. The fire brigade is located in the operational area with the PCA (advanced command post) integrating the command groups of Gorizia, Trieste, Udine and Pordenone.

The fire brigade is still active, together with the traffic police and the motorway management company, to protect the section of the motorway between the Lizard and Redipuglia tolls of the A4 motorway. Patrol tours continue along SR 55 and to protect homes and other structures. Together with the Slovenian fire brigade, forest fires are also monitored on Slovenian territory, a few kilometers from the Italian border. Fire conditions and operational areas have made it possible for now to provide power to high voltage power lines.

  • Updated at 9.30: Four active fireplaces
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There are currently 4 active eruptions in Friuli Venezia Giulia. The Civil Protection Fvg reported this and announced that a new front had been opened in Savogna d’Isonzo during the night. For the rest, firefighters, regional forest brigades and forest fire volunteers are fighting the flames in Iamiano, Resia and Prepotto, where a local team coordinator died yesterday after being drowned by a tree.

As for air vehicles, 2 Canadair and FVG regional civil defense helicopters are active in Resia – the area of ​​greatest concern – while other aircraft fly over the karst. Regarding volunteers, 37 people are already active with 16 vehicles. Yesterday 249 volunteers did field work with 98 vehicles.

Today, the replacement reliability will be ready on the Resia River, along the river, to remove isolated communities of Val Resia caused by landslides and roadside rock fall fires. Finally, the Civil Protection Fvg announces that the re-opening of the section of the A4 motorway between Sistiana and Redipuglia in the direction of Venice will ensure the smooth flow of traffic again along the entire network of Autovie Venete.

  • Financial operations at Monfalcone restart

The Fincantieri plant in Monfalcone has resumed normal operations. This morning, after checking that the air quality values ​​are returning to normal, the first shift workers regularly entered the construction sites. The plant was closed for two days yesterday and the day before yesterday.

Firefighters intervened again in Cialla di Preboto, where, in the early hours of Thursday 21 July, he lost his life.Elena Lo DukaUddin, 56, is a civil defense coordinator A tree-infested district whose roots were eaten away by the flames.

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Some eruptions have resumed in the same area where the tragedy took place. A very extensive circular hay fire broke out in Fagagna at about 2.30pm in a field along Provincial Road 10. At the site, teams of volunteer firefighters from San Daniel joined their colleagues from Udine with a tank truck. .

Firefighters also continue to work in Resia. Here the fire is more widespread, approaching the Stavoli (non-residential year-round) area. Two helicopters are operating in the valley and a Canadian is also helping with firefighting operations.

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  • Slovenian karst fire

The karst continues to burn where the fire is spreading towards Slovenia: there are some eruptions on the Italian side, but the situation is improving and under control. There are no closures of the motorway towards Trieste, where the Tern line came into operation tonight to feed the capital.

  • Power of fire: Hectares destroyed in few minutes

He had legs and muscles, sprint and power, and in front of this destructive fire, folded a territory, destroyed very large pieces of the Isonzo and the Julian Karst, and virtually isolated Trieste, a regional capital. It accelerated at 8 meters per minute, which is quite remarkable to those who understand anything about fire. Devours broad-leaved trees, lower oaks, pines, shrubs, and brambles. And it went up. He ran through the leaves. At its maximum intensity, it has become an impressive pyroclastic column, which, as a technical manifestation, is metaphorically comparable to the puff of an erupting volcano reaching a height of 800 meters. A peak of smoke measured the other day by firefighters in a helicopter serving the body.

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