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Aggiornamenti meteo per la fine di Luglio: possibile break temporalesco

The end of the heat of Apocalypse4800, now it may be true; There is a date, » we tell you when

Meteo: The end of the heat of Apocalypse4800, now it may be true; There is a date and we’ll tell you when

Weather Alerts for End of July: Storm break possibleWhen will this oppressive heat end?? Due to the presence of a strong sub-Saharan anticyclonic promontory, a new African flare is emerging in Italy, which we call Apocalypse 4800. The 4800 This indicates the extraordinary quota it has achieved in the past few days Zero heat, 0°C is the altitude at which temperatures are recorded in the free atmosphere, and it is never higher. This means that even among the highest peaks in Europe, Mont Blanc (4809 meters high) Snow melts; As it is the highest peak in the Alps, it goes without saying that all the Alps are at risk of snowmelt.

Outside of normal weather conditions, we’ve had above-average temperatures and zero rain for weeks now: in short, the climate is exaggerating and many of you are asking: But it will end?
Something will move towards it by the end of the month. This is very important news It emerges from the latest updates: the cause is a new incursion from Northern Europe and is capable of causing it Storm break About a part of our country.

If we analyze the general synoptic structure in the old continent, we can see how it is at high latitudes, between Greenland and Iceland. Large areas of low pressure (cyclonic) have filled in Cold and unstable air Polar origin: The hypothesis is that a portion of these new currents may drop in latitude, forcing the anticyclone to retreat at least temporarily toward its home lands.
They can be created on a European chessboard Converging areas Where do these important weather statistics interact and from whose variability they may arise? Extreme weather events (hail, flash floods, tornadoes), as recent news unfortunately reminds us.

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Dates to be marked with red circle as per latest updates 25, 26 and 27 July. Precisely in the last days of the month, in fact, we do not exclude the strong possibility TemporaryEspecially Al North. Attention, because of the large amount of energy involved (moisture and heat in the lower layers of the atmosphere previously transported by the anticyclone) and strong contrasts between completely different air masses, the ideal conditions for the development of massive storm cells will be created. Can be induced locally Strong winds and hailstorms e, Rarely, Cyclone.

Obviously, given the uncertainties related to the temporal distance and path of the disturbed currents, it is the first trend To be taken with tongs, we already say. And, even if it did, it couldn’t deal too severe a blow to oppressive heat, of course Not a sure win.
It will actually be the only one Storm breakOnly between certain regions.
We will keep you updated.

Storm break is possible from 25th, 26th and 27th JulyStorm break is possible from 25th, 26th and 27th July