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"Unfortunately or not, I agree with him."  "Get it right" - Libero Cottidiano

“Unfortunately or not, I agree with him.” “Get it right” – Libero Cottidiano

In the September 14th episode, at La 7, the hilarious curtain from Giovanni Floris to Timarte Alessandro Sallusti and Pierre Luigi Perzani: “Unfortunately or not, I agree with Perzani,” the director begins Free. “If you decide,” the former minister replied. “So it’s hard for me to squeeze him …”, Sallusti continues. At that point, amidst laughter, the conductor intervenes: “He can continue Rambelli”.

For example, in areas where you rule, Fabio Rambelli asks the director of Libero, “You have to guarantee work and public safety. Are executives more in the ranks of Persani than you are?” “So I ask myself,” said the deputy of the Sallusti Brothers of Italy, “Why do you not open crises in the governments of those regions?”

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Regarding the Green Pass and vaccine duty, Pierre Luigi Perzani said: “I will use both tools to achieve the goal, in a well-measured way: restart the vaccine. You use both pedals to start the car.”

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