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Alessandra Celentano al Serale di Amici 21

Ferrelli is irresistible, Celentano is beautiful in white

Third date with evening Friends 21 It did not disappoint the expectations of loyal viewers. Between one challenge and another, the students vying for the final cup once again showed all their talent and determination young people who, like them, have a great desire to realize their dreams. Big absent from the jury stashbut his alternative was really cool: Sabrina Ferrelli She managed, as always, to bring a flurry of sympathy (and elegance) to the studio. Thanks also to her friend and hostess, Maria de Filippi, always willing to combine it with some jokes. But a special sign is entitled to Alessandra Celentanowho hit the mark with an all-white look to say the least crazy.

Evening Amici 21, Sabrina Ferrelli The Queen Of Sensual (And Sympathy)

He’s already stunned people on Instagram with a great video, showing off a behind-the-scenes glimpse of an evening friendsbut we have to admit it to see Sabrina Ferrelli On stage was talent Nice breath of freshness. She has a frequent face on the shows of Maria De Filippi, with whom he shares a friendship that never misses an opportunity to show off to the public. Also this time, one of them couldn’t be missing Harmful jokes for Queen Mary against the actress (even in relation to the “scary” Giovannino di You yes q jm).

Empathy, energy and sensuality too. Once again Ferilli hit the house with Ultra-stretch floral midi dress Which gave it a lot to highlight the soft shapes gracefully and elegance. An enviable physique at the age of 57, which the actress appreciates It’s always very elegant and never goes out of style (Don’t forget those who brag about Sanremo Festival 2022).

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To decorate a whole pair of white embellishments and super cute shaped dangle earrings Croissants resist the evil eye. Maybe it’s a precaution to “protect yourself” from Maria de Filippi’s jokes!

Emanuele Filiberto, Sabrina Ferelli and Stefano Di Martino at Amici 21 pm

Amici 21 pm Looks of the third episode

The stakes evening Friends 21 They give themselves a lot of feelings, but also a lot of surprises in terms of appearance. Also this time presenter Maria de Filippi was impeccable: minimal look with a black midi skirt (super stretchy, Of course surelyAnd the “messy” white shirt was gorgeous, of course with the inevitable high heels that you just know how to wear with such elegance.

The protagonist, however, was trouser suit Three teachers decided to brag about it in several versions. Anna Pettinelli in Sugar Paper – very blue fairy – was a little dim, as it were Cuccarini who chose metallic graydo not reach the Lemon yellow look from the previous episode Which we literally fell in love with. The only glamorous and trendy note is the cropped top, which highlighted the sculpted physique.

This time the scepter went to the right Alessandra Celentano in her all-white look: a suit with a soft jacket and palazzo pants, very elegant indeed. Even Maria de Filippi commented on the outfit appreciating its undeniable beauty and stressed the Master, in response to it: “This is the first time you’ve told me this in 19 years!”.

Friends 21: John Eric is eliminated, Maria gets excited

It will be spring air, or perhaps even the teachers are starting to feel more tired. What is certain is that, for once, a file The controversy left more room for performances of talents Maria de Filippi, closer to the end goal. There has been no shortage of controversies between Raimondo Todaro and Celentano, who have never agreed on anything, but even criticism abounds. Nunzio managed to snatch a smile from the teacher. Maybe there is hope.

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Challenge after challenge, and eventually lost his place in evening It was John Eric. The singer didn’t get past the knockout heat but Show great sportsmanship and maturity. His words left neither the audience indifferent nor De Filippi, sincerely excited: “I want to thank you – said with eyes wet with tears -, I want to thank the whole program from production to editing, for the way you picked me up. Take care of me from the first day until the last. And I wanted to say For men, they stole everything they could without taking anything from anyone. Steal with your eyes and your ears. Enjoy, because it is a beautiful experience. Enjoy it till the end“.

A moment of intense tenderness, at least for a few minutes, made us forget the usual quarrels between a professor.

Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbe at Amici 21 pm

Alessandra Celentano and Rudy Zerbe at Amici 21 pm