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Fables: Comics creator ready to take on DC Comics #agoraclick 220

Fables: Comics creator ready to take on DC Comics #agoraclick 220

Superstitions It is a comic book series written by vertigoPublishing Department dc comics, Created and written by him Bill Willingham It was published between 2002 and 2015, and its second part is scheduled to begin in 2021.

It has been a very successful series, and over the years, it has received 14 Eisner Awards (the Oscars of American comics).

September 15 Willingham He decided to relinquish the copyright to the comics and place them in the public domain. The author says that he thought about this decision for a long time and announced it through a long statement, from which we publish some excerpts:

“When I first signed my copyright agreement with DC Comics, the company was run by men and women of honesty and integrity…Those people have left or been fired, to be replaced by a revolving door of outsiders, with no integrity, who now choose to explain all An aspect of our contract in ways that only benefit DC Comics and its corporate owners. The copyright to Fables was in good hands, but now, due to employee attrition and replacement, the Fables properties have fallen into bad hands.

Since I can’t afford to sue DC, and force them to abide by the letter and spirit of our long-standing agreements… the one thing in our contract that DC’s lawyers cannot challenge, or reinterpret to their own advantage, is that I am the sole owner of the intellectual property. I can sell it or give it to whoever I want.

So I chose to give it to everyone. “And since I couldn’t prevent Fables from falling into bad hands, at least this way I can ensure it falls into good hands as well.”


Of course, the immediate response from the company cannot be missed DC Comics Who issued an official statement on this matter:

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“The Fables comics and graphic novels published by DC, as well as the storylines, characters, and elements contained therein, are the property of DC and are protected by the copyright laws of the United States and throughout the world, in accordance with applicable law.” Not in the public domain. DC reserves all rights and will take such action as it deems necessary or appropriate to protect its intellectual property rights..

So there advertisement It is clear that he is prepared to take legal action if so Willingham Proceed with the proposed course of action.