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Men and women, will Francesca Sorrentino summon Maria to the throne?  “In a few months, I already have…”

Men and women, will Francesca Sorrentino summon Maria to the throne? “In a few months, I already have…”

Francesca Sorrentino revealed whether she would ascend the throne of men or women and why she refused in previous episodes.

In the latest episodes of men and women, There was a showdown in the studio center between two former faces of the latest edition of Temptation IslandFrancesca Sorrentino and Manuel Mora. The girl said to herself She is still very angry towards her ex-boyfriend. For his part, Manuel Mora explained that his desire for freedom is stronger and overcomes the desire for a stable relationship.

In the following days, Francesca’s ex-boyfriend intervened on social media after the numerous criticism he received Allowing himself to go on a long spree: “I say unfortunately because I feel a great emotional attachment to it and I am not looking for an alternative to it in any way. The moment I become 100% clear on what I really want in life, and if this is directed towards Francesca, I will do everything to recover and get back with her. (As long as it’s still there). Because I believe that what brings me together with her is a bond that cannot be obtained. With this letter I do not want to give false hopes and keep Francesca attached to me. It’s just for clarification“.

Men and women, Francesca Sorrentino reveals the throne

A few days after her speech and the Men and Women panel, Francesca Sorrentino also appeared She resorted to social media to comment on what happened during the episode. In fact, we remember that at some point, in the midst of the confrontation between the two, Maria De Filippi intervened and proposed that she ascend the throne of men and women. But when he saw that she was still very sad and involved in the situation with her ex-boyfriend, he invited her to think about it maybe in the future.

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So Francesca wanted to have her say on social media about why she was rejected – Just for a moment – ​​The suggestion from the dating show host: “Little by little, each person at their own pace. I would be a hypocrite if I said I wanted to sit on this throne. If I feel up to it within 5/6 months and there is a possibility I will make that call. Many of you ask me and I thank you. But I was wrong in saying such a thing. I would do it to show off and disrespect those who work on the program. And they are really many and also those who believe in the program. And precisely because I believe in this program, I didn’t feel like it. It wasn’t my time. If I recover 100% within a few months and are open to meeting new people, I will make this decision.“.

still: “But in this recording you can see, at that moment it wasn’t really like that, everyone needs their time, but then it turned out that I wasn’t ready, that I was still quite trying. But maybe I’ll surprise you and in a few months I’ll make that call!“.

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