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“UFO in c**o” Floriana seconds and moments of fear

Floriana Secondi amarcord, the new outcast from an island of the famous hides a detail from the past that no one will forget: What is it?

Last night, the young Romanian landed on Isola dei Famosi, which the general public also knows very well for these details connected with her past that happened under the eyes of all and which, despite the past time, viewers will never be able to forget. This is an episode in particular related to her first TV experience which gave her huge success and popularity.

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It’s a piece of past history circulating on the net now Perhaps as a warning to the youngest of them who have not had the “good fortune” to experience those moments that maybe somehow we could see them recur in Honduras.

But what is it about, before everything was revealed to you, there was also another young man who is very famous today but who shared this beautiful adventure with her.

Floriana Seconds, do you remember her in Big Brother with Luca Argentero?

Floriana again For those few who do not know that she achieved great popularity with the victory in the third edition of Big Brother, the same in which Luca Argentero, today a very successful actor, took part.

Only in the last few hours The young woman already nominated for the Isola dei Famosi He is also back as the protagonist on the web and especially Twitter where some users have enjoyed posting videos of that great experience in which the two directly involved in particular, who also played the Final and Victory of the Edition.

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“Floriana was in love with Luca (like half of Italy by the way) and after 6 days of dating she tried to seduce him like that” This is one of the comments right below the video in question that makes us understand how indelible the memories are despite the passage of time. Really is amarcord moment also dedicated to the youngest of them, given their personal data, they did not have the opportunity to see those releases that were among the first broadcasts.

However, the adventure on the island of Famous began yesterday for her as well, with Antonio Ziquela, the two in fact, having lost the test of captain with a mustache, were among the first in danger of disqualification with two other couples: who knows how it will turn out.