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Big brother, Claudio Roma is friends with a former fiancé known to both men and women: this is who we’re talking about!


Claudio Roma is among the latest people to enter the GF house. And from his Instagram profile it appears that he is friends with a well-known and discussed former suitor from the latest edition of Men and Women. This is who he is!

In the second episode of Big brotherwhich aired last night, Friday, September 15, we watched the entry to house From the reality show she hosted Alfonso Signorini to Claudio Romaa young entrepreneur from Romania, who – according to his Instagram profile, He would be a great friend to a former suitor known to both men and women. This is what we’re talking about!

GF, Claudio Roma is a friend of Carlo Alberto Mancini, former suitor of Nicole Santinelli

Arrived yesterday house with Giampiero Moginispecial guest for this edition, Claudio Roma He carries with him the story of the fall and redemption, like many of his traveling companions. Here’s what it looked like:

“I’m Claudio, I’m 34 years old, I live in the Romanian Riviera, a wonderful place. I graduated in veterinary medicine, but I always did something completely different. Now, I’m a small wellness entrepreneur.. At the age of 16/17 I took a wrong path, it was That is the worst moment of my life, and when you end up disappointing your family, who gives you everything, then, at that point you either fail or find the strength to “start again.” I paid dearly, but it was necessary: ​​I did social services, worked in a nursing home, with terminally ill patients. Are my parents proud of me? You should ask them, I know my dad tells his friends. “I am single, I love women. He calls himself a lover, not Don Juan. Is the right woman out there? “If it exists, I don’t know, in the meantime I will continue to look for it.”

In addition to providing an incredibly interesting personal story that has not yet been revealed, Claudio Roma He also has a few friendships that immediately caught the attention of those who looked at his Instagram profile: It seems, in fact, that among his close friends there is a well-known suitor and discussant of the last edition of men and women. Let’s talk about Carlo Alberto Manciniprevious choice of Nicole SantinelliTheir relationship lasted a few weeks, then faded into nothingness. Fans of the dating show will still remember the live broadcast that took place Mancini announced the end of their relationship on Instagram, a few hours after they said goodbyeThis angered Nicole and attracted several criticisms. And apparently the former suitor himself couldn’t help but wish his friend good luck, as he shared this message on social media:

“It’s really very emotional to see him enter the house, and as my brother I’m going to miss him so much, obviously as a brother, but I have to say that the happiness of his entry and for him will temper the loss. I really wish him everything. Joy is possible, good luck brother!”

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