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F1 / GP USA 2022: ad Austin si rivede il sole

F1 / GP USA 2022: Austin sees the sun again – Meteomotors

The month of October 2022, at least in Italy, can be defined as ‘amalus’ due to above normal temperatures. However, the same discourse applies to the United States, particularly to the southern part of the country, i.e. the region bordering Mexico. An identifiable territory in the state Texaswith its capital Austin. That’s where the American GPOn that day Circuit of the United States.

Unlike what happened at the last two Asian races in Singapore and Japan, the circuit, characterized by rain delays or interruptions, will finally allow fans in the stands and at home a weekend of sun and a dry track. GP As per the data reported by , going into further details accuweather.comFriday 21st to Sunday 23rd October There is almost no chance of precipitation, or in any case very rare, but the one that attracts general attention is high temperature. In fact, from Friday’s free practice to Sunday’s race, Not less than 30° on the thermometer. A positive aspect for spectators, but not to be underestimated for teams and drivers, especially when it comes to tire management.

F1 2022 GP United States Weather Forecast
Friday 21 October
Weather: Sunny
Chance of Rain: 0%
Max/min temperature: 30/28°C
Wind: SW 13 km/h gusting to 30 km/h
Saturday 22 October
Weather: Mostly sunny and very hot
Chance of Rain: 4%
Maximum temperature: 31/30 °C
Wind: SSW 15 km/h gusting to 40 km/h
Sunday, October 23
Sky: Warm with clouds and sunshine
Chance of Rain: 17%
Maximum temperature: 32/30 °C
Wind: 19 kmph gusting to 35 kmph

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