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E se arrivasse una Novembrata?

November, something extraordinary may happen this year; »We tell you what emerged from forecasts

Weather: November, something unusual may happen this year; We tell you what emerged from the predictions

What happens when a Navambarata comes?Something truly extraordinary can happen in November. We all realize that autumn is very hot. Something is really changing in Italy in terms of weather and climate: these are its consequences Global warming in place.

So what can happen in November?? From the latest Predictions It appears that a certain synoptic structure is taking shape at the hemispheric level: we can recognize it in technical terms Atmospheric volume. In practice, we will have a broad anticyclonic field, which is “nailed” and therefore forced to stay longer over a large area, the main effect of which is to exclude not only any Atlantic disturbance, but also cold disturbances from the North Pole.
In common parlance this period is defined as AutobradaA period of high pressure that dominates for several days, resulting in conditions Atmospheric stability, the climate being late summer rather than autumn, and almost rain-free.

It seems that we are facingEndless summer.
After the unseasonably warm weather we’ve already experienced in the first part of fall, our attention now turns to the next few weeks: Climate Predictions The major atmospheric computing centers (ECMWF and GFS) actually begin to outline a more precise structure early next month.
AfterAutobrada (double) Now we are in danger of living together November Due to the tenth progressionAfrican resistance This will bring stable weather and temperatures well above climatological averages, particularly in the Mid-South and the two main islands. We coined the term precisely to underline what was a new, paradoxical climate phase.
Many can see something positive in this new dynamic, but the truth is that these are disturbing signs that must reflect the ongoing climate change with increasingly significant consequences in Italy as well.

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Be careful though, November heat is not entirely new: Again, a popular saying comes to our aid, and not surprisingly, “Indian summer“(San Martino is celebrated, precisely on November 11).
For those who don’t know, legend St. Martin Love it on a really cold night Martin of Tours (later San Martino) met a poor man and gave him half his clothes to protect him from the cold. After a while, he ran into another person, took pity on him and gave him the other half of the cloak. According to some traditions, being in the cold, Martino would be warmed by the rays of a warm sun, which suddenly seemed like a miracle.

This teaches us that even warm periods in the past could occur out of season, although they occurred very rarely and in a localized manner (only in certain areas). Now let’s look at one Increasing frequency Heat waves capable of covering the whole of Italy.
Something is really changing.

Early November, with an African anticycloneEarly November, with an African anticyclone