Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Everything is ready: the port is open to 800 illegal immigrants


After the usual procedure in every situation where an NGO ship completes operations to rescue illegal immigrants in the Mediterranean, the long-awaited green light comes from Rome: a secure port is requested. Sea Eye4 Trabani’s would be that.

Although the German-flagged ship was rescuing non-EU migrants in the Maltese territorial waters, island officials rejected calls for intervention and assistance initiated by an alarm phone reported on social media by the same NGO. The next step, as often happens in these situations, is to travel to Italian beaches and at the same time begin appealing for the “safe harbor” offer. “Foreign ships of foreign voluntary organizations with illegal immigrants in foreign waters have no way to land in Italian port”, Had complained in the last few days Roberto Calderoli.“Italy does not have to take care of migrants rescued off the coast of Malta”.

An appeal fell on deaf ears, followed by a call for intervention from our country to save Mediterranean humans: “We urge the Italian authorities to immediately assist the 800 people on board the ship and guarantee that they will land in a safe port.”. A few hours later, Rome now responded, choosing to offer a sea eye port Tropani: Landing is scheduled for tomorrow morning, Sunday, November 7th.

“After a long wait of several hours, we finally got good news from Rome. Sea I4 approved to travel to Trapani to rescue more than 800 rescued.”, Celebrate on Twitter The team of a German voluntary organization, before overcoming Malta’s inaction in managing demands for intervention.

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“EU urgently warns Malta that relief center in Valletta should respond to emergency calls again”, Accuse bluntly from the eye of the sea, “Coordinate emergencies at sea, regardless of skin color or the appearance of those in distress”.

It does not end here because the people on board are non-EU citizens Ocean Viking. For now, two people with four family members have already been evacuated by a Coast Guard patrol boat, at least as Sous Mediterranean reported,“Fuel burns and other serious illnesses”. There are another 308 non-EU citizens on board.


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