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Uses a meeting with Blinken Mass to harshly criticize Nort Stream 2

D.He has his first two-way meeting with the new US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen, the US Secretary of State. Haiko Mass Nord Stream 2 is used for harsh criticism on the Baltic Sea gas pipeline. Blingen implicitly accused Germany of backing Russia’s efforts to disrupt joint security by sticking to the plan.

After Tuesday evening’s talks, spokesman Netflix said on a page of a NATO meeting in Brussels that Blinken had underscored the US resolution to work with allies and allies to counter Moscow’s objective. In this context, he reiterated his opposition to the gas pipeline project. The Foreign Office did not provide any information on the matter Nort Stream2 And talked about a “good exchange”.

Discussions on how to deal with Russia

Prior to that, there was an informal conversation between Blinken, Moss and their colleagues in France and Great Britain. The Foreign Office announced that the “credible exchange” between the four was about Afghanistan, Yemen and Iran. In addition, the “NATO 2030” strategic process was a topic that aims to initiate reforms for closer political cooperation between allies.

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb wrote on Twitter that the four NATO nations stand together as a “positive force” to press for peace in Yemen and prevent Iran from becoming a nuclear power. However, initially there was no detailed information on possible deals between the four ministers.