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Even more snow at low altitudes, here and there 3B Meteo

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Snow comes even at low altitudes
Snow comes even at low altitudes

Winter warms the engines And Italy has been watching its effects for a few days. Low altitude snowfall, Hilly to wide and wide from north to south Frosts Until the plan, they have affected our country in the last few days and do not want to leave the stage like this winter. More snow is ready to whitewash many places in early December.

Bad weather with heavy snowfall between Wednesday 1st and Friday 3rd December will affect the peninsula. Rain e Temporary The Sardinia, Tyrrhenian regions, the central-northern Appennines and the north will begin to engage first (between Wednesday and Thursday). Storm events are not excluded, especially in the La Specia region, Upper Tuscany and western Sardinia. The Alps and the Apennines also receive heavy snowfall, But let’s look in more detail.

Snow Weather Wednesday 1: Afternoon snowfall is 1000mt from the Alps and 1350-1400mt in the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines. Intensity of snowfall in the evening in the central north. Rain in the mountains and plains.

Snow on Thursday 2nd: Heavy snowfall over the Central Apennines above 1200-1500mt. Between Emilia and Tuscany there is a sharp slope of snow up to 700 meters from the evening. Occasional snowfall across the Alps at low altitudes between 300 and 500 meters. The first snowfall between Molise and Campania was 1500 m.

Snow Weather Friday 3: Snowfall decreases in the middle, up to 500 m in Abruzzo, above 800-1000 m in other places, above 1200-1400 m in the south, and in the evening, above 700-800 m, snowfall returns to the border Alps.

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Next day trend: A new worsening of the weather conditions is expected between Saturday 4th and Sunday 5th, along with other rainfall, and there will be more than 1200-1300mt of snowfall up to the Alps and in the Apennines. The trend that requires confirmation.

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