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“Under house arrest”: Prince Hamza of Jordan releases video


“Under House Arrest”
Prince Hamza of Jordan released the video

No exit, no connection to the outside world: If you believe Prince Hamza’s interpretations, the King of Jordan is seriously distorting his critics – and not excluding his own brother. The US media has reported that a conspiracy has been hatched.

His half-brother Hamza has been placed under house arrest following reports of a large-scale plot to overthrow King Abdullah II of Jordan. However, the former Crown Prince denied being involved in the conspiracy in a video. In a tape sent by his lawyer to the BBC in the UK, Hamza bin Hussein said he was under house arrest. He denied being part of a conspiracy, saying he was “not responsible for regime breakdown, corruption and incompetence” in the country’s leadership.

One can no longer express or criticize an opinion “without intimidation, harassment or intimidation”. Jordanian officials believe that “their personal interests, their financial interests and corruption are more important than the lives, dignity and future of the ten million people who live here.” The country is “mired in corruption, disunity and mismanagement.”

Hamza said the army commander saw him and said he was under house arrest. Numerous friends have been arrested, his bodyguard has been withdrawn, and his internet and phone connections have been reduced.

Complain Plane?

The Washington Post previously reported that Hamza had been placed “under control” at his palace in Amman. This was part of an investigation into a plot aimed at ousting Abdullah II. The king seized the throne in 1999 after the death of his father, King Hussein. Initially, he made Hamza the crown prince at the behest of his father, but canceled this in 2004 and gave the title to his own son Hussein.

Palace officials described the plot as “complex and far-sighted”, with the US newspaper quoting top intelligence officials from the Middle East. At least one member of the Jordanian royal family, tribal leaders and representatives of the security forces were involved.

Videos posted on the internet showed the presence of a large police force near the Royal Palace in Amman. According to the official Petra news agency, former finance minister Passem Awdalla, a former close confidante of the king and head of the palace from 2007 to 2008, was arrested by Sheriff Hassan Ben Side “for security reasons”. The title Sheriff refers to the person closest to the royal family.

No one is above the law

Jordan’s chief of staff, Joseph Houniti, denied that Hamza was among those arrested. Related statements were “not true,” he said. Hamza was asked to “refrain from actions that could be used to damage the stability and security of the state.” Honity announced that the investigation is ongoing and the results will be announced later. “No one is above the law,” the commander-in-chief insisted.

On Saturday, Saudi Arabia announced its “full support for the decisions and actions taken by King Abdullah II and Crown Prince Hussein to ensure security and stability in the country.” The Gulf Cooperation Council issued a similar statement. Similar reports came from Egypt, Bahrain, Kuwait and the Gulf Cooperation Council. U.S. State Department spokesman Netflix also pledged “full support” for Abdullah. He is “America’s most important partner.”

The prince’s house arrest and arrests come just days before the kingdom’s centennial celebrations. On April 11, 1921, then-King Abdullah formed his first government.

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