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Winter 2021-22 Climate Change Appears “


Recent Weather: An event appears to be destabilizing the 2021-22 winter climate

Winter 2021/2022: Nina can affect the winterNo doubt about it, here it comes Nina for next winter. There are still a few days to start the winter, thank you Seasonal forecasts And for some Atmospheric codes We can get a general idea of ​​what awaits us, focus on it, This may be very different from the trend of recent years.
Influencing and destabilizing the climate of the world and the climate of the old continent may indeed be a phenomenon Girl, With significant consequences Further To Italy, Already since December.
So let’s take the point to understand What it is, so To clarify And guess one General trend of rainfall and temperature.

Based on the latest Seasonal forecasts Of European Center (ECMWF) TheIn early December It is probably characterized by thermal values The reference to about 1 / 1.5 C is higher than the climatic average, Especially in the northern European sector Between Scandinavia and Russia (Cradle of cold), Higher than average in the Mediterranean bed. In Italy, on the other hand, the opposite situation may occur with an unusual cold compared to previous years.

The reason for these discrepancies is far from the old continent and more preciselyPacific Ocean. In fact, balance Girl.
This particular event basically represents one Cooling The surface water temperature of the Pacific Ocean Middle and East It often affects the climate of our planet, with different repercussions in Europe and Italy. As we can see in the map below, the last reading of the surface temperature of the water of the Pacific Ocean (September 2021) indicates that. Decreased by about 0.5 C The trend should be in line with the average and in the coming months Further decline (-1.2 C).

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Is conceivable The presence of La Nina can increase the entry of many obstacles From Atlantic descent, there is no barrier to high pressure and can instead seek refuge in North Africa. The first part of winter, if it is confirmed, will rain in parts of Central-Northern Europe. Northern parts of our country. In our mountains, therefore, the Name This may be enough to delight winter sports lovers.
But if cold air improves, be careful It is not excluded that it reaches the plains of the north, Took place last winter in the first weeks of December.

Cooling of the surface water of the Pacific OceanCooling of the surface water of the Pacific OceanNext winter: The arrival of La Nina is confirmed Next winter: The arrival of La Nina is confirmed


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