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Empoli-Genoa, new ticket offer in Castellani

Empoli-Genoa, new ticket offer in Castellani

Castellani-Computer Gross Arena in Empoli (Photo by Empoli FC)

In a short time, the 3,000 tickets sold out to Genoa fans in the southern bend of the Castellani Stadium in Empoli. At 4pm, Tuscan Club announced that it had issued a new offer of 700 vouchers in the South Side priced at €40. Tickets are on sale at And via the web with the option to print at home only through the site recognized by Empoli (In this case, it is also recommended not to buy coupons in alternative departments or web channels). «For this sector, as indicated by the National Observatory of Sports Events by Decision No. 04/2024 dated 01/24/2024 and approved by the Government of Sudan, the sale is intended only for those who have signed the Genoa DNA. Also in this case, the sale of tickets for this sector will end without fail at 7 pm on Friday, February 2.”

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