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Elon Musk gets it big: “We don’t really exist, but we are all his children” |  Before now, human life was viewed in an absurd way

Elon Musk gets it big: “We don’t really exist, but we are all his children” | Before now, human life was viewed in an absurd way

Musk’s statements about life and simulation –

Even if there are those who plan to colonize Mars within a few years, there are also those who claim that all of humanity lives in a simulation, which supports a thesis that has occupied the minds of contemporary philosophers for years.

Elon Musk, the billionaire chairman of (formerly Twitter), Tesla, Cyberlink, and SpaceX, has claimed in recent years that humanity is actually trapped in a simulation, questioning the entirety of reality that surrounds each person.

This idea is known as “”simulation theoryIt was strongly supported by Musk some time ago, who asserted that amazing technological advances could easily lead to the creation of simulations so realistic they could no longer be distinguished from reality itself.

To support this argument, Musk drew attention to the matter Tennis, The first game ever created. The aim of the game is Control the bar to hit the ball successfully before it explodes from the screen, and loses points. The comparison with the game, so simple and outdated by current standards, is very important It shows how technology has come so far In a very few years.

With sufficiently advanced simulations, a point could be reached where it would be impossible to distinguish between simulation and reality, and to integrate them into a single environment we live in, especially if simulations are able to faithfully reproduce every aspect of life, from emotions to the laws of physics.

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Life in simulation, what is the truth?

According to the theory Nick BostromSwedish philosopher, There are only three possibilities in this regard: Humanity will be extinct before it can create a simulation of this magnitude; Perhaps no posthuman civilization would be interested in emulating earlier civilizations; We are already living in a simulation.

Real life or simulation? – (Source: freepik)

Throughout talk shows, presentations, and podcasts, Elon Musk never fails to support his thesis that there is only a very small probability that the first two options are correct, whereas for The third scenario may be true by at least 20%.

only through Codecon 2021The businessman replied:There is a one in a billion chance that this is the real thing’, highlighting an idea increasingly shared by many prominent contemporary figures. However, although fascinating from many points of view and allowing for discussions with interesting starting points, these theories remain unfounded and, in any case, Even if everyone lived in a simulation, it would be so advanced that it would blend with reality itself.