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11 passengers and a flight attendant were taken to hospital

11 passengers and a flight attendant were taken to hospital

Fear and repercussions for passengers due to severe disturbances on a Delta flight 175 from Milan to Atlanta: Eleven passengers and a flight attendant were hospitalized after the twin-engine Airbus 350-900 landed in the US, according to the US airline. The plane, which includes 292 seats and is one of the most advanced aircraft in service, encountered “severe turbulence” about 60 km from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport while descending towards the airport.

Fog inside the plane during flight and fear among the passengers. The company: “There is no risk, it can happen.”

Severe flight disturbance, 11 in hospital

“DeltaCare team members mobilized to help customers of Delta Flight 175, which experienced severe turbulence, before landing safely in Atlanta.

A company spokesperson explained that our priority is to take care of our customers and crew who have sustained injuries.

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It is not clear how many of the 151 passengers and 14 crew members were injured, other than the 11 who were taken to hospital, or what the extent of the injuries of those who were hospitalized was.

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