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The car engine is a serious mistake, if you do not do it, it will destroy the engine. The consumption will double

The car engine is a serious mistake, if you do not do it, it will destroy the engine. The consumption will double

When you encounter this problem in your car there are no other solutions: you have to contact your mechanic /

Maintenance is important, but you need to know what you can and can’t touch. If you make a mistake you risk paying more to your mechanic. Today we are talking with you about a part of your car that you know little about but needs proper treatment: Here are the most common mistakes that car drivers make that should be avoided so as not to cause more problems to the car.

today Carry out regular maintenance Every car has become essential: efficiency is increasing thanks to technological innovations studied by various car manufacturers, but this is not always enough Avoid car problems. But not everyone can afford to spend money on a mechanic, given the already rising costs of almost everything.

In this article, we are about to reveal it to you How to clean an important part of the car So you don’t have any other problems. And if you do it yourself, you can save a lot of money, so you will have to arm yourself with some readily available things to carry out this very simple and at the same time very important procedure.

We’re talking about Injection cleaningIt is an essential procedure that must be done periodically even if many do not even know what it is.

Here’s the correct way to clean engine nozzles

As we said earlier, syringes should be cleaned regularly but many do not even know where to start. Those who clean them regularly do so to prevent or solve problems: one of the reasons to choose cleaning High fuel consumption And a lot of exhaust smoke.

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To clean the injectors, it is certainly not necessary to call a mechanic and thus spend a lot of money: it is a procedure that can be done comfortably In your garage In a few steps. Here’s what you need to move forward.

Car maintenance is important, but you often spend a lot of money at the mechanic /

Choosing the right injector cleaning product is the first step to avoiding making mistakes

First of all, we must specify that with regular coupons it is indeed possible to create one Injector maintenance Thus you can also avoid cleaning. A different story regarding LPG or hybrid methane: in these cases, the use of additives can provide greater benefits.

the Main tools Those used to clean the injectors can be found in specialized stores, both at mechanics and also online: in particular, they are additives and products capable of making our car more efficient.