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Dunn when tilted back: 90 min match, 35 blackout

Dunn when tilted back: 90 min match, 35 blackout

Dozen is still on the tilt. They are 35 minutes from Naples and Toro. “We will respond”

Corriere della Sera, Page 59And by Andrea Sirini.

Black screen and blank sentence written in five languages: “There is a problem opening at the moment dozen. Try reopening the app or browser later. This is the image that Dazen subscribers found on their computers and TVs yesterday who tried to connect to see it Sampdoria – Naples NS Turin Lazio. Technical problems, not the first for a broadcasting platform that has guaranteed TV rights to everyone leagueIt’s found in apps, smart TV, the web, tablets, and (at least) smartphones.

The blackout lasted 30-35 minutes (with related controversy on social media), roughly the entire first half. Then the pictures started flowing normally. Dozen said it was “sorry about what happened,” and announced that users who lost the first half hour of the races in question would be compensated. “We know how important it is for all fans to be able to follow their team – read the note -. Users who are affected by the issue will be able to benefit from the compensation.”
(complete in Corriere della Sera)

(Pictured is a warning of a power outage dozen)

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