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A turning point in his career at Palando

A turning point in his career at Palando

A plea for help, and justice from her point of view, set off by Andrea Ianon It is still so lively that this ad almost fades if not neglected by the emotion that seeped from the statements Interview Issued in Spanish as Filled with malaise, gloom and malaise. of amphetamine disqualification, pronounced TAS, the Aprilia rider is tormented by the desire to recover and quash his banned substance abuse charge, a dimension that has kept him away from the race and from a satisfying and satisfying world in relation to the present at the time.

Andrea Iannone on Dancing with the Stars: A Different Chance

Today Iannon She also talks about her participation in Dancing with the stars, in the unprecedented role of the competitor: a move that could lead to the search for new aspects, in addition to motorcycles, which is really not an absolute novelty considering the presence on social networks and the rider’s business relationships with several companies as well as the presence of an agency that supports and guides him in everything related to with guarantees.

The love life of Andrea Yannon at the heart of the gossip

What is certain, following the publication of the list of VIPs who will participate in the next edition of talented dance show made by Millie Carlucci, which for centaurs Wide – Always in the center of the news because of his romantic relationships, from the person he has Belen Rodriguez a Julia de Lillis It is time to break the silence and take an important stage. And also to decide what his future will really be, waiting to atone for his incompetence.

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