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Drowned under a waterfall

Drowned under a waterfall

He would have drowned by getting caught in a rope under the falls of the Sorna stream at Bretonico., in Trentino Alto Adige. The lifeless body of a 72-year-old hiker was found in the gorge of a well-equipped canyon stream that crosses Monte Baldo Park. As reported by ‘ReNews’, the victim was Fabio Andreata, a retired architect from Rovereto.


The 72-year-old was hiking with his partner and, according to the first reconstructions, Sorna would have decided to enter the stream valley aloneIt is best to be accompanied by an expert guide, starting from the famous Devil’s Bridge ‘Pont del Tial’, located a few kilometers from Riva del Garda.

The woman, who raised the alarm at 3pm on Friday, August 25, was unable to reach her partner’s phone and was worried that the man was late in returning.

The area where the body of a 72-year-old man was found in the municipality of Brentonico


The emergency occurred after the arrival of mountain rescuers from the stations of Vallacarina and Ala, Saf, Brentonico volunteer firefighters and the carabinieri of the Rovereto company.

Rescuers descended the valley and found the man’s lifeless body near the first waterfall around 4pm.

According to ‘Il Dolomiti’, one of the first of four descents into the gorge would have had difficulties and would have been caught in a rope under the falls until he drowned. The climber’s body was recovered and airlifted to Brentonico by helicopter.

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Who is the victim?

According to ‘ReNews’ report, Fabio Andreata, A Architect and former employee of the Province of Trento. The 72-year-old is well-known for his years of work in the Idea House sector and for being part of various trips with the Trentino Civil Defense, where he fell several meters during the first stretch. path. The man leaves behind his wife and two children.

Photo credit: ANSA