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Burglary with glue technique in apartment, two arrested via Guelfo Civinini

Burglary with glue technique in apartment, two arrested via Guelfo Civinini

First the inspection, then the application of glue on the boot. The next day for a new check to see if the glue is still intact. A signal indicating that the apartment is vacant. Hence the burglary, the burglars ready to rob the house. This is one of the many tactics used by thieves. But they don’t always get away with it. The two men knew it well, and were stopped by the police in Tallandi in flagrant delicto.

Agents of the IX Exhibition District and the Sant’Ippolito Police Station followed a car with two suspects for several days, and they tried to force the lock of an apartment with burglary tools and nitric acid. They have reached and stopped. Two Georgian citizens aged 32 and 26 are in handcuffs.

Apartment robberies: Most affected neighborhoods and techniques used

Dynamic is typically discovered by investigators. It is carried out only after a preliminary inspection, during which the suspects, deciding on the motive, apply glue between the doors. At that point, after returning to the site and finding the glue still intact, a sign that the house is empty and the owners are out, they decide to act.

Discovered, 2 tried to escape by engaging in a scuffle with the intervening officers, but were categorically blocked outside the building located via Guelfo Civinini. A search of the apartment of the two suspects uncovered other items suitable for burglary and 2 Rolexes, possible proceeds of illegal activity.

Aurelio apartment burglars

A few minutes later, in another part of the city, the police of XIII Aurelio district and XIV Primavalle arrested 2 Georgian citizens aged 26 and 28 for theft. The agents, alerted by the door officer of a building via Giuseppe de Camillis in Aurelio, managed to surprise 2 foreigners while they were in the apartment after going through the French window of the house. Judicial officials are investigating the status of the 4 arrested persons.

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Burglars apartment burglary tools