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Che Tempo Che Fa, Von der Leyen’s Fazio joke: “Do you remember them all?

Che Tempo Che Fa, Von der Leyen’s Fazio joke: “Do you remember them all?

“Che tempo che fa”, the talk that arrived in November this year and was brilliantly hosted by Fabio Fazio with the historic presence of Luciana Littizzetto and Filippa Lagerback, reaches its last date of the season with the episode on Sunday 12 May. For this very reason, Fazio announced that “things are going to go big with an episode full of guests” – generating higher than usual expectations. The first to enter Fazio’s famous living room, in fact, and exclusively, was European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen. A guest was announced a few days ago by the host himself through a post on social media: “On the day of Europe Day – writes Fazio – we are happy to announce that in the final episode of “Che tempo che fa” there is a guest President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen” . Elected by the European Parliament on July 16, 2019 and the first woman to hold this position, von der Leyen announced on February 19 of this year her candidacy for a second term in light of the upcoming European elections that will be held between February 6 and 10, 2019. June 9.

During the interview, which was followed by millions of viewers, there was a nice little side that did not go unnoticed. It all started with Fazio’s debut: “Among other things, today is Mother’s Day,” he said, addressing the studio audience, “and Mrs. von der Leyen has 7 children,” he pointed out. “The question I want to ask you is,” he continued, addressing the guest directly, “do you remember the names of the seven?” All accompanied by laughter from the studio audience. The president closed the curtain and began listing the names of her seven children. Fazio even stopped her at one point, making her think she got a name wrong. Von der Leyen clearly didn’t fall for the trap, but she spontaneously collaborated on this sweet bow that immediately reigned supreme in the ranking of the most tweeted moments of “CTCF” this evening.

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