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Donald Trump, photo with slip: “The Hand.”  Details that don't escape

Donald Trump, photo with slip: “The Hand.” Details that don't escape

In the past few hours, the news has spread across the Internet with persistence and attracted the attention of the most curious people. A photo posted by a Trump “patriot” on the Truth website went viral, and Donald Trump himself reposted it to his millions of followers. But not for the reasons the businessman had in mind. The AI-generated image, which shows Trump sitting and praying, has a detail: The right hand has six fingers. The shot was posted three days ago, on the eve of the New Hampshire primary, by the Patriot4Life account, and Trump re-released it without paying much attention to the photo.

But one person online noticed the anomaly, turning a festive photo into a surreal one, which quickly went viral on X, the former Twitter handle. On Truth's post, which recorded thousands of interactions, comments were divided between those who consider Trump sacrilegious and those who believed the image and praised the businessman as a religious man. However, on X, a post re-launched by the account guelphgirlchris of the story of the six fingers went viral. Meanwhile, the former president won the US primary in New Hampshire. With a record turnout, he defeated Nikki Haley, the only opponent remaining on the field. By adding this state and Iowa, the businessman is closer to being nominated for the White House race.

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