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The US elections and Biden is lagging in the opinion polls.  The Obamas' long shadow: 'Michelle is the anti-Trump'

The US elections and Biden is lagging in the opinion polls. The Obamas' long shadow: 'Michelle is the anti-Trump'

Under the snow, doubts do not dissolve. Donald Trump After Iowa He won in New HampshireBut despite trailing by 11 points, her Republican primary rival, Nikki Haley, is not giving up the race for the White House nomination. This infuriates the former American president, who cannot dissuade the only woman who took to the field to challenge him. The other evening, after Trump publicly threatened her, Trump also criticized her bright blue damask dress. Nikki knows that many representatives and senators across the party and among conservatives are siding with Trump out of fear, because if he wins in November, he will take no prisoners, but she is convinced that Donald, deep down in his Republican soul, is not that powerful and likable yet. everything.

CI Funders From Wall Streetwhich Apogiano Halli From the beginning, they will not give up, and the former UN ambassador is still hopeful that she can upend expectations or the businessman will be disqualified by the Supreme Court on February 8, when she must decide whether her name is up or not. They could be included on ballots after the January 6 uprising with the attack on Congress. But if Nikkei is waiting for the money, because Trump still dominates on paper even in South Carolina, Joe Biden's problems are no less.

Keep plodding along At the polls he comes Criticism by young people And by black people, his strong point in 2020. Thousands of them wrote “ceasefire” in New Hampshire instead of his name, but the current occupant of the White House still won the Democratic primary by 68%, even if his name was not included. On the card. Many criticize him at the rallies and cut off his support for Israel. If he arrives in November, they will vote for him with their noses closed. There are those who continue to sarcastically and insinuate, especially among conservative commentators, just that Replace Kamala Harris with Michelle Obama Biden could create a winning ticket. The conservative New York Post goes even further, even positing Biden's withdrawal from the race for re-election, with Michelle, who then secured the Democratic nomination for the House of Representatives Bianca – surprisingly but already prepared for some time – entering. At the conference in August.

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I The ghost of the Obama familyIn short, it seems to be the case for the eighty-year-old president. Michelle denies this With all determination to enter the challenge, while Barak received the offer yesterday to become President of Harvard UniversityBut he is said to be increasingly concerned that his former vice president will not be able to beat Trump (again). That something was wrong with the Biden electoral machine became clear yesterday, when President Mike Donilon and Jennifer O'Malley removed Dillon from the White House, entrusting them with returning to the polls and leading him to victory, as happened in 2020 against the businessman.