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The moment Hamas commandos landed in their gliders during the Sukkot Festival – video

The moment Hamas commandos landed in their gliders during the Sukkot Festival – video

They can be seen in the sky, as the crowd dances undisturbed into the first light of the morning. No one thought they were in danger at the Sukkot festival, near Kibbutz Ra’im: one of the places attacked by Hamas militias at dawn yesterday. Neither did Shani Luke, the 30-year-old tattoo artist, a German citizen, who was kidnapped while dancing in the desert, nor the thousands of young people in attendance. Some of them lost their lives. The video, which was circulated on social media hours ago, was circulated by international media outlets, including: Telegraph. Unfortunately, paragliding, especially at parties with desert locations such as those in Israel, is very common and is also used by festival participants.

BBC witness: “I hid in the trees and they fired for hours.”

“They were everywhere, with automatic weapons. They were standing next to the cars and started shooting and I realized that it was very easy for me to get killed because everyone was running away in all directions. The terrorists were coming from five directions, so we didn’t know whether to run this way or that, so we got into the car and drove for a while. Someone was shooting at me, so I got out and started running. “I saw a piece of land with pomelo trees and I went there to hide behind a tree.” This is the story To the BBC Written by Gilly Yoskovitch, an Israeli girl who was present at the Sukkot celebration, near Kibbutz Ra’im. The young woman remained silent for hours. “I was in the middle of an orchard and I was lying on the ground. They were everywhere. They moved from tree to tree, shooting everywhere, from both sides. I saw people being killed everywhere. But I was very calm. I wasn’t crying. I did not do anything. But I was breathing. ‘OK‘I said to myself,’Maybe I will die. Okay, just breathe, close your eyesBecause I heard gunfire from all sides, even from a very close range. Then I heard that the terrorists opened a truck and took more weapons. They were there for three hours.” “I was sure that the army would arrive, and I heard the helicopters. I was sure – continues Jelje Yaskovic – that the soldiers would lower themselves from the helicopters with ropes on that ground. But there was no one there. There were only terrorists “I heard Arabic speaking.” “The craziest thing is that I stayed like this for a long time and no one was there. No soldiers, no police, no on no! I thought about my kids and my boyfriend and everything, and I told myself this is not the time to die. not yet. Then… I started hearing someone speaking in Hebrew. Hebrew was spoken on one side and Arabic on three other sides… I understood that there were soldiers.” When she managed to do so, Yaskovic came out of hiding, raising her hands, heading towards the soldiers, who put her in a car and took her to a safe place.

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We are looking for an English citizen. Mother: “He worked at the festival.”

The Israeli embassy in the United Kingdom confirmed that a British citizen, Jake Marlowe, went missing in Israel after the attack. It is unclear whether he was taken hostage. According to his mother, as reported by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC), Marlo was working as a security guard at an outdoor party at Kibbutz Ra’im, near the Gaza border. In an email response to questions about the man, an embassy spokesperson told the BBC that the young man was “missing, and we do not know if he has been taken hostage at this time.”

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